Don Sinclair
Research creation projects and documentation
Don Sinclair
||: CoHrAdOeSr:|| 2019 Kinetic Sculpture. ||: CoHrAdOeSr:|| Part of Btw Lf & Dth - interFACING disAPPAERANCE. With the DIGITAL DRAMATURGY LAB squared. Digifest Toronto, 2019. May 2019.
 width= 2018 Interactive Installation. Toronto-Norwood-Toronto collaboration with Andra McCartney. Installed at Arts Heritage Centre, Warkworth Ontario. May 4 to June 10, 2018. Part of Listening in Warkworth, a Sound Project by Andra McCartney.
2018 Projections for Dance. Bell Weather choreographed by Susan Lee, music by Edgardo Moreno, projections by Don Sinclair, dancers York Dancer Ensemble, lighting by Alexandra Caprara, costumes by Kleanthi Markakis. Performed February 14-16, 2018 in the Faire Fecan Theatre at York University.
2017 Performance. Origin8 with Doug Van Nort, Shaun Amyot and the National Ballet School of Canada. Assemblée Internationale 2017, Betty Oliphant Theatre, Toronto, May 5 and 6, 2017. Documentation video.
2016 Performance Installation. Rallentando with Out of the Box Productions. Hub 14, Toronto. May 7-8, 2016.
2015 Performance Installation. Stare. Print. Blue. - Voyeuring the apparatus with the Digital Dramaturgy Lab. Performed in the Pleasure Room at DigiFest 2015, Toronto. May 7-9, 2015.
2015 Participatory performance-lecture. Jing@Ju Karaoke: Interactive queering of Beijing Opera with the Digital Dramaturgy Lab. Presented at Festival of Original Theatre, University of Toronto, January 7, 2015 and Structures of Digital Feelings, Tecne Institute, SUNY Buffalo, March 27, 2015.
2014 Performance Installation. Stare. Print. Blue. - Voyeuring the apparatus with the Digital Dramaturgy Lab. Performed at SURVIVAL - International Performance Festival 2014, Berlin, Germany, August 2014. Time lapse video.
2014 Video. A View from the Road: one week in Toronto, May 2014, cycling video. Screened at North by Northeast Art Show - 24 | Toronto NXNE Art Lounge, June 2014.
2012-13 Kinaesthetic Photo-based Work. Urban Trail Portraits, An exploration of urban mountain bike trails, 2012 ongoing. Dale Ball on display at Studio Vaillancourt, Santa Fe in The Dirt Experience, October 2012.
2012 Interactive Visuals. Mysterious Pierre A-la-mi-re, live, responsive video projections with Toronto Chamber Choir, Mark Vuorinen, Musical Director. Church of the Redeemer, Toronto. October 28, 2012
bugzzz 2012 Interactive Performance. Bugzzz, with William Mackwood and Gwen Dobie and Out of the Box Productions, 13 shows at Artscape Wychwood Barns, Toronto, May 2012.
2011 Interactive Performance. Soundwalking Interactions, Choreography, Interface, Soundwalk, Visualization, with Andra McCartney (sound artist) and Susan Lee (dance artist), Society of Dance History Scholars 2011 - Dance Dramaturgy: Catalyst, Perspective and Memory, York University, June 23, 2011.
bugzzz 2011 Live Video Projections and Sound. Bugzzz, An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Immersive Staging Techniques using Sustainable 'Design on Demand' Theatre Practice with William Mackwood and Gwen Dobie, Staging Sustainability, York University, April 20, 2011.
A Stop on the Donauradweg 2011 Single Channel Video Installation. A Stop on the Donauradweg, through SSHRC Research Creation Grant, Reflections of the Unimaginable: A Multi-Media Rendering of Three Cities Hosting the Holocaust, Seth Feldman PI. Robert Langen Art Gallery, Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, April 28-29, 2011.
Dachau Bahnhof 2011 Single Channel Video Installation. Dachau Bahnhof, through SSHRC Research Creation Grant, Reflections of the Unimaginable: A Multi-Media Rendering of Three Cities Hosting the Holocaust, Seth Feldman PI. Robert Langen Art Gallery, Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, April 28-29, 2011.
Apoptosis 2011 Video Projections for Dance. Apoptosis, collaboration with Keiko Kitano (dancer/choreographer) and Daniel Schnee (musician). Older and Reckless, Dancemakers Centre for Creation, Toronto, March 11-13, 2011 and Dai Don Den 3, Winchester Theatre, March 18-20, 2011.
sdoundwalking interactions 2010 2010 Interactive Installation. Soundwalking Interactions Workshop, collaboration with Andra McCartney. Concordia University, Montréal, December 2, 2010.
Nuit Blanche 2010 2010 Live Video Projection. Celebrating Nuit Blanche - Crossing Waters, collaboration with Sashar Zarif. The Theatre Centre, Toronto, October 2-3, 2010.
Beyond 2010 Video Projection for dance. Beyond, collaboration with Keiko Kitano and Zihao Li., World Dance Alliance, Madison, WI, July 9, 2010 and New York, NY, July 12, 2010.
cosmic ray visualizer 2009 Live Video Projection. Cosmic Ray Visualizer, collaboration with Scott Menary. Installation at Ambi-Valent Objects Exhibition, Gales Gallery, York University, October 5-16, 2009.
stable dances 2008 Live Video Projection. Stable Dances, collaboration with Karen Kaeja and Diana Groenendijk. A co-production with Casa Loma and Kaeja d'Dance for Nuit Blanche 2008, October 4-5, 2008 Toronto.
mehr kunst in der Toilette 2008 Interactive Installation. mehr kunst in der Toilette!, collaboration with Veronika Dimke. Installation at the culmination of workshop: Sensitive Circuits in their Collective Forward, Munich, Germany June 3-6, 2008.
Toronto-Norwood-Toronto 2008 Interactive Installation. Toronto—Norwood—Toronto, collaboration with Andra McCartney. Audiences engage with experiences of a long distance cyclist through dynamic interpretation of data collected during a thirteen hour round trip. Commission for Superfan, Lieutenant's Pump, Ottawa, Ontario - March 20 - April 6, 2008.
Mississauga Sound Map 2008 Interactive Web Art. Mississauga Sound Map, collaboration with Hector Centeno. The first version of the Sound Map project created as part of the Art's Birthday celebrations on January 17, 2008. This is a pilot project with more city Sound Maps to be added in the near future by the Canadian Association for Sound Ecology.
interaction / rétroaction / feedback 2007 Interactive Installation. interaction / rétroaction / feedback, collaboration with Andra McCartney. Documentation of installation at « Densité, intensité, tensions. L'urbanité montréalaise en question » November 1-2, 2007, Montréal.
passion project 1 2007 Dance with Video Projections and Live Manipulation. The Passion Project, concept and choreography by Susan Lee with Piotr Biernat and Barbara Pallomina. Documentation of first stage of project research/creation.
night vision - Nyx 2006 Video Projections for Dance. Night Vision - Nyx, choreography by Holly Small with John Oswald, Susan Lee, Barbara Pallomina, Kieko Kitano and Rebecca Mendoza. Performed at up darling 3, Winchester Street Theatre on October 19-23, 2006 and at the Dance Independent Project, York University on November 8-10, 2006.
call me hear 2006 Interactive Sound and Video. Call Me Hear, performance piece with Jeremy Rotsztain. Performed at Windows on Fine Arts Cultural Studies (part of Accolade opening events March 2006), I/O Media at Interaccess Electronic Media Art Centre (April 2006), and at the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) 2006 in New Orleans on November 10 as part of the Late Night series.
PHH!K 2006 Live Images. PHH!K (Peter Hannan and Henry Kucharzyk) with Christine Duncan. Performed at SOUNDplay 2006 produced by New Adventures in Sound Art.
3X3 documentation 2006 Interactive Music and Dance. Three by Three with Yves Candau (dancer) and Nur Intan Murtadza (Gamelan). Performed at Windows on Fine Arts Cultural Studies (part of Accolade Opening events March 2006).
draw a bicycle 2006 Interactive Dance and Video Projections. Draw a Bicycle, choreography: Holly Small. Performed in the Dancing Worlds program on March 23-25, 2006 in The Sandra Fair and Ivan Fecan Theatre, York University as part of the Fine Arts Festival celebrating the Accolade Project Opening
3X3 at spark 2006 Conference presentation. Presented Three by Three: reflection and dialogue on a model for interdisciplinary collaboration at Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art with Nur Intan Murtadza. Download the paper published in the festival proceedings.
little bodies 2005 Dance Exploration. Six studies that are part of explorations with Holly Small, Yves Candau, and Susan Lee.
images festival 2005 New Media Art Curation. Curated an online exhibition of Canadian and international web art called Reflection for Images Festival. The artists featured in Reflection hold up a virtual mirror asking us to consider ourselves through our actions, perspectives, and experiences.
otes paper 2004 Internet Paper. The database as a vehicle for reconceiving place through the new media art interface accepted for publication in Computers and the Humanities Working Papers. Used as a learning object for FA/FACS 1900 Arts and Ideas.
around radio roadmovies 2004 Installation - physical and Internet. around radio roadmovies, with Chantal Dumas and Christian Calon. Commissioned by New Adventures in Sound Art with funds from the Canada Council for the Arts, Media Arts. Installed at SOUNDplay 2004, Deep Wireless 2005, and Sound Travels 2005. Also available on the Internet.
Toronto Island Sound Map 2004 Installation - physical and Internet. The Toronto Island Sound Map, with Darren Copeland. Presented by New Adventures in Sound Art with funds from the Ontario Arts Council, Visual and Media Arts. Installed at Sound Travels 2004, Deep Wireless 2005, and Sound Travels 2005. Also available on the Internet.
Digital Prints from OTES 2004 Digital Prints. Digital Prints from oh, those everyday spaces, a selection of 11 framed prints. Displayed at the Toronto Bike Week 2004 Bike Art Showcase at Toronto City Hall and Metro Hall. On permanent display in the FACS office, 283 Winters College, York University.
Going Home 2004 Time-Lapse Video with sonified data. Going Home, this 5 minute video is a selection of images and sonified data from oh, those everyday spaces (OTES). Screenings: T-minus festival of time-lapse video (New York, NY, USA, February 2004), the 10th annual eco art and media festival (Toronto, CA, February 2004), the Toronto Bike Week 2004 Bike Art Showcase (Toronto, CA, May/June 2004), RestCycling Art Festival (Berlin, Germany, September 2004), and York University Bike Week Breakfast (June 2005 and Sept. 2005).
Nanovideo 2003 Nanovideo. 10 Second OTES, a series of nine very short videos exploring different locations from OTES. Oh, those everyday spaces (OTES), is a collection of 25,000 images gathered while cycling.
Variations/Variantes 2003 Interactive Web Art. Variations/Variantes, a database art interface to oh, those everyday spaces (OTES). Featured at Images Festival (Toronto, CA, April 2004). Accepted by as a linked art object in its ArtBase. Featured at the data/reference/art exhibition. Choosen as the Best of the Cool Daily Pick for September 26, 2005 on Coolstop. Selected for SINTESI : Festival Delle Arti Elettroniche : Napoli : 2005. Discussed in Magazine électronique du CIAC - CIAC's Electronic Magazine no. 25/2006 : paysages.
Journées Sonores, Canal de Lachine 2003 Installation. Journées Sonores, Canal de Lachine, an interactive installation created in collaboration with sound artist Andra McCartney at La Musée de Lachine, Lachine Québec September to December 2003, Deep Wireless 2006.
toronto chamber choir 1988 - present. Bass Chorister. Toronto Chamber Choir, Musical Director David Fallis. This well know amateur choir performs an annual concert series, has performed at many local festivals including the Guelph Spring Festival and the Elora Festival, has produced two CDs, and is regularly heard on CBC through both live recordings and its CDs.
northern lights 2003 Digital Image. Northern Light: Visions and Dreams, digital image creation with Jan Curtis and Alison Mackay for a video by Veronica Tennant Productions Limited.
journey 2003 Interactive Dance Performance. a journey toward the end in the shape of air, collaboration with choreographer Holly Small as part of the Dance Innovations festival at Joe Green Studio Theatre, York University.
thesis 2002 Masters Thesis. Graduate Program in Interdisciplinary Studies, York University. Examining an Interactive New Media Object: Laurie Anderson's Puppet Motel
the word room 2001 Sound Interface. The Word Room, an interactive installation by Haleh Niazmand, Taraneh Hemami, Gita Hashemi. Janalyn Hanson White Gallery, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
shifting shadows 2000 Interface Design and Programming. Of Shifting Shadows: Returning to the 1979 Iranian Revolution through an exilic journey in memory and history produced by Gita Hashemi. Exhibited at SIGGRAPH 2001. Won the Independent Disk-based Projects award at the Baddeck International New Media Festival, 2002. Search for reviews...
1999 Video. Viderunt Omnes, with Alison Mackay, music by Christos Hatzis screened at a Toronto Consort production.
1999 Video. Entangled encounters in/with/near/about/beyond Vari Hall, with choreographer Ana-Francisca de la Mora screened at the Eco Art and Media Festival 2000 at York University.
shifting shadows 1999 Solo installation. blow me/rub me/stomp me, interactive installation in Eleanor Winters Gallery, York University. See the cycling video used in rub me.
bhs docs 1998 Solo installation. blow me/hug me/stomp me, interactive installation in Eleanor Winters Gallery, York University.
give me your body parts 1994 Solo installation. Give Me Your Body (Parts), interactive installation, Centre for Fine Arts, York University.