Scandinavian Accents Panel

Welcome to the site for the Scandinavian Accents Panel from the VASTA 2013 Conference in Minneapolis MN, Voices of Wisdom: Spanning Generations. Here you’ll find resources from the panelists for the 5 accents we covered. All resources are copyright their prospective creators.

Scandinavian Accents Master Overview — comparing all 5 accents

Sweden — Erik Singer

Swedish Breakdown


Swedish Coffee
Comma Gets a Cure
Swedish Cultural Stereotypes
Swedish Female, born 1958
Swedish Male, born 1978
Swedish Female, born 1953
Real Swedish Chef, Göteborg Male b 1982

Finland —Marina Tyndal

Finnish Breakdown


Reindeer Stew

Finnish Music (English)

Finnish Music (Finnish)

Lake Trips and Atomic Pie

Denmark — Steven Eng

Danish Breakdown





Iceland — Eric Armstrong

Icelandic Features
Icelandic Overview
Iceland 03, Male born 1964
Iceland 04, Female born 1984
Icelandic Prosody

Norway — Jane Guyer Fujita

Norwegian Presentation movie