Introduction to the CIE Chromaticity Diagram

Consider this problem. You just designed a wonderful "thingamajig."

You want to have it made out of plastic and metal and it should all be exactly the same color red. You found a manufacturer in Vancouver, B.C. who can build your thingamajig for a reasonable price.

However, you are concerned that the plastic and metal be exactly the same color and that this color be exactly the red that you specify.

You hired a lawyer who will write your contract with the manufacturer. Your lawyer says that you have to define your color very precisely.

How are you going to do it?

Well you can do it the same way that Eastman Kodak defines its famous yellow package. They specify the color of their package on the CIE Chromaticity Diagram.

In this diagram all colors that plot in the same location in this color space will look exactly the same to a Standard Observer.

Click on CIE diagram for more information about this color space. There are certain factors and limitations about this space with which one should be aware.

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