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Fall Reading Week

How am I doing?
As you complete Orientation and start your journey through the first few weeks of classes, we'd like to encourage you to be thinking about a few questions that can help you make certain you're making a successful start to University study. In particular, asking yourself these questions at the beginning of fall reading week in October provides an excellent gauge to help you measure how things are going, whether you’re on the right track and to identify the next steps that can help you maximize your experience at York. (A printable version is also available in PDF format.)


1. Am I keeping up with course work?
Ideally, you’re keeping up with your academic work – nothing is overdue and you feel confident about your assigned work. But, if you answer "no" to this question or if you’re finding the workload heavier than you anticipated, it might be a good idea for you to take in a Learning Skills Workshop, connect with the Writing Department, or pay a visit to your professor during their publicized office hours. A few small adjustments undertaken early in the year can often make an important contribution to your success. Links:


2. Am I feeling good about the courses I chose?
Hopefully you're enjoying your courses so far and are becoming comfortable with your environment. If not, you might want to make an appointment with an academic advisor in your home Faculty or College to review your options. Or, meet with your professor or the undergraduate program director in your major department to explore how your courses fit into your degree requirements. Links:


3. Do I feel like I’m part of the York community?
It is important to feel welcome, have a sense of belonging and to feel part of the community. If you haven't yet found your niche or are having difficulty making connections, take some time to explore the variety of ways of getting involved on campus, making friends through social opportunities like clubs and organizations, sport and recreation and even leadership training opportunities that are open to you. Links:


4. Am I beginning to see how my time at York will fit into my vision for the future?
Sometimes it isn’t easy to see the connection between where you are now and where you are going after graduation, especially if you’re just beginning your degree program. If you would like to begin exploring a range of potential career paths or further education opportunities, you may find it helpful to visit the Career Centre. Their popular "What can I do with my degree?" and "Who am I?" career interest workshops can help you bring your future into focus. The Career Centre also offers Career Conversations panels with employers and York Alumni during the year, as well as an Education Expo and a Career Fair. See below for details.  


Knowing the Score
If you answered “no” to one or more of the questions above, remember to take advantage of the various events that are part of the Fall Reading Week: Early Help for Greater Success initiative. For event details, click on:

If you answered "yes" to all of these questions, congratulations! You're well on your way to university success.  You can still use the services and resources listed above, but remember that you, too, can be a valuable resource to your friends and classmates. If you know someone who is not off to a good start, they very well may benefit from your success. Tell others about the choices you’ve made and how you’ve adjusted so well to university studies. By sharing your success, you’ll enjoy your York experience even more!