ENVS 3303 3.0. Politics, Performance and the Art of Resistance : Literature and Art in Postcolonial and Transnational Environments

This course introduces students to the ways in which performers, artists, writers and activists have imagined drama, art and literature as a mode of political engagement with the global environment in a variety of geographic and historical moments. Students focus on theories of art, performance and politics emerging alongside colonial capitalism and resistance to it in past and present. They evaluate the possibilities, and limitations of art and performance in contesting and/or sustaining social, political and environmental domination and resistance.
Prerequisite: Third or fourth year standing or by permission of instructor.

ES/ENVS 3122: Community and Environmental Arts Workshop

Students develop conceptual and practical skills for the production, presentation and evaluation of a community-based project in environmental visual art, media, writing and/or performance for social change. Working with a practicing visual artist, writer or director students create, produce, present and critically evaluate examples of environmental socially engaged art, literature, media or performance and are prepared for advanced work with diverse equality seeking communities. Required for the CAP Certificate.

ES/ENVS 6348 6.00 Cultural Production Workshop: Performance

This workshop combines critical cultural theory and environmental studies with the practice of cultural production. Through analysis of the field of performance and the creative production of testimony, autobiography in performance, students critically explore and develop their own approach to producing such performances. The primary learning experience of the workshop involves the production of a performance or testimonial narrative applying analytical tools, technical skills and creativity.