Pat Armstrong - CHSRF/CIHR Chair in Health Services and Nursing Research
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Women, Politics and Health Policy Course

Gender Focused Education

In adherence with the goals of both CHSRF and the Chair, a 5-day intensive course has been developed. The first course was held in May 2002, and advanced the goals of the CHSRF in a number of ways by bringing together graduate students, practitioners and policy makers in a credit course. The participants included graduate students from Carleton University and York University.
In the spring of 2005, a 3-day workshop on resources in health services was offered instead of the intensive course. The workshop was intended to address the particular issues of new faculty in nursing, although it was open to all university health researchers.
Both the intensive course and the workshop offer examples of special educational projects initiated by the Chair. In the spring of 2006, the Chair sponsored an intensive course on women’s health issues for those students across the province enrolled in the Ontario Training Centre Diploma programme.  In February 2009, the Chair sponsored a workshop for those involved in emergency preparedness planning, testing tools for future workshops on how to include gender analysis in the plans for emergencies.
As part of her work with the Bureau of Women’s Health and Gender Analysis, the Women and Health Care Reform Group has at least one workshop each year that brings together researchers, policy-makers and practitioners.  Issues addressed include the mental health of women health care workers, timely access to care, designing long-term care with women in mind and ancillary workers, primary care and evidence. The group has produced a series of plain language documents on these issues as a result of the workshops and brought together materials prepared for them in a range of publications.

Pat Armstrong also teaches a graduate course on health and health care that has a particular focus on gender, as well as a course on women’s health. The course is offered in Sociology and in Women’s Studies and is open to students from other disciplines.
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