Courses Taught





Courses that I am teaching during the 2016-2017 academic year are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Undergraduate Courses

Graduate Courses

AP/LING1000 6.0
Introduction to Linguistics

AP/LING2120 3.0
Fundamentals of Phonological Analysis

AP/LING2130 3.0
Morphology I: Analysis*
(Fall 2016)

AP/LING2400 3.0
Language in its Social Context*
(Winter 2017)

AP/LING3060 3.0
Linguistic History of English

AP/LING3400 3.0
Sociolinguistics: Language Variation and Change

AP/LING3440 3.0

AP/LING4060 3.0
Canadian English*
(Winter 2017)

AP/LING4350 3.0
Pidgin and Creole Linguistics

AP/LING4400 3.0
Research in Sociolinguistic Variation and Change
(Fall 2016)

GS/LAL5400 3.0
Sociolinguistic Research*
(Fall 2016)

GS/LAL6120 3.0
Phonetic and Phonological Analysis

GS/LAL6310 3.0
Languages in Contact

GS/LAL6420 3.0
Sociolinguistics and Linguistic Systems: The Speech Community*
(Fall 2016)

GS/LAL6430 3.0
Sociolinguistics and Linguistic Systems: Linguistic Mechanisms

GS/LAL6440 3.0
Sociolinguistics and the Individual

GS/LAL6600 3.0
Research Seminar in Theoretical Linguistics