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On-Line Publications


The posted articles either were not previously published or were published only in translation. Further specifics are given at the top of each piece. Year followed by a letter refers to the complete List of Publications on this site. Copyright is reserved. Items marked * will be posted at a later date.

*1966 The Case of Chan Kin Kin. An unpublished report prepared for the Hong Kong Tiger Standard
*1977 Window on Hong Kong Unpublished Appendices to 1977b
1978 “Controlling the International Film Industry” An unpublished conference paper
1980 “Action Theory from the Viewpoint of Anthropology and Ethnography” Previously in German only as 1984h
1980a “Controversy About Effects as Effects: A Short-Circuiting Model”. An unpublished conference paper.
1981a “Anthropologists and the Irrational” Previously in German only as 1981d
1981 “Introduction: The Politics of the War Film”. Introduction to an unpublished script book on the film Objective Burma!. Appendices.
1982 “Film History and History: A Working Paper”. An unpublished conference paper.
1983 “Dialogue on Film. A Screen Treatment”. Full version of 1986f
1984 “Religion and Communication: The Case of Cargo Cults”. An unpublished conference paper.
1986 “Hollywood Images of Foreign Countries and their Impact: The Canadian Case”. An unpublished lecture.
1988 "Explanation, Reduction, and the Sociological Turn in the Philosophy of Science or Kuhn as Ideologue for Merton's Sociology of Science" A paper published in Gerard Radnitzky, ed., Centripetal Forces in the Sciences, Paragon House, New York - a volume that is in few libraries.
1989-1990a “Audrey Hepburn: The Performer and the Star”. An unpublished paper
1989-1990b “Philosophy and Its Problems”. An unpublished paper.
1990 “What is the Problem of Film Theory?”. Previously in Portuguese only as 1996g.
1995 “The Development of Popper’s Conception of the Social”. Previously in Spanish only as 1997b
1996 “Cultural Relativism”. An unpublished encyclopedia article.
1999 “Rationality and Situational Logic in Popper’s Scientific Work”. A Ringvorlesung lecture delivered at the University of Vienna.
2001 “Popper Today”. A conference paper that constitutes the Introduction to the Second Edition of 1999a.
2002 "Gellner, Ernest Andre" An entry for the Dictionnaire de Sociologie, omitted (in error) from the first printing.
2009 "Towards a Critical Sociology of Science" A joint paper with J. Agassi
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