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Office: Room 248A, BSB
Phone: 416.736.5115 x30561
Email: jbr@yorku.ca

NOTE: temporary relocation to

Room 269 BSB  X40262

probably until May 2008

Wednesdays & Fridays:

Baycrest Centre

Department of Psychology

416-785-2500 X2686


Jill B. Rich, PhD
Associate Professor with tenure, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Health


The links below have detailed information about each of the four exams (short answer and multiple choice breakdown). The last link has a summary of all four exam marks, your URPP marks, and your final grade in the course.

The TAs have completed their office hours, so if you have a question about your grade, contact me directly (jbr@yorku.ca). If your URPP mark is not what you think it should be, don’t worry about getting it changed unless it would affect your grade in the course. Remember that the exams are worth 24% each, and the URPP was worth up to 4%.

Please do not write to me to ask me to give you a higher grade, even if you’re trying to get into a programme that requires a higher grade than you earned. The class average was C+, and many of you raised your grades by participating in research through the URPP.

Congratulations on completing your first year, and enjoy your summers!


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Last updated: October 29, 2007