ASDDecider: a modification of ASDParser that searches ASD grammar networks used as decision networks

A fairly simple modification of ASDParser permits ASD networks to be used as decision networks, to express decision logic which might otherwise require long and deeply-nested if ... else logic.  In addition to replacing many lines of program code, such a network can also be easier to modify than the equivalent program code would be.  An ASD network used as a decision network and the values used in searching it have properties that distinguish them from a general ASD grammar network and a phrase parsed with it:
Because of the second property, the algorithm used by ASDDecider for searching a decision network is different from the algorithm used by ASDParser for parsing with a grammar.  Specifically, given a set (string) of values with which to search, ASDDecider just tries to find a path from an initial node in a decision network to a final node in the network such that the "word" in each non-dummy node on the path matches one of the values in the given set.

An example of the use of ASDDecider appears in the method findReferents of the class CardAgent1 in the package cards1a., the revision of CardWorld1 that uses a decision network to replace some complicated if ... else logic.  The decision network used in that example is an ASD grammar file named CardDecisionNet1.grm, which is the result of merging two smaller decision networks, CardDecisionNet1a.grm and CardDecisionNet1b.grm.   Those two decision network files can be opened and viewed with the demonstration version of ASDEditor.

ASDDeciderTester in package asdx is a modification of ASDTester that can be used for testing ASDDecider.

last modified 2010 Sep 4