2010 May 13, 17, 20; Jun 8; Aug 23; updated 2012 Jun 10 - James A. Mason

CardWorld1 is a small example model of understanding English in a limited pragmatic domain.  See CardWorld1Documentation.html for details about what it does and how to interact with it.  See also UnderstandingEnglishInLimitedPragmaticDomains.html and FurtherNotesAboutCardWorld for more about it. contains all of the files necessary to run the example.  Just download the zip file to a directory of its own, extract all of the files from the zip archive, and use the following java command in that directory to run it: 
java -cp cards1.jar;asddigraphs.jar cards1.CardWorld
Or you may be able to run it with a simpler command line:  java cards1.CardWorld

The model was compiled with Java jdk1.6.0_17 and should be run with JRE 6.

Follow  this link to run the model as a Java Web Start application.

The file contains the Java source code for CardWorld1.

CardWorld1a is a revised version of CardWorld1 that uses  a decision network which is searched by the ASDDecider program.

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