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Social Science 1185 9.0


This course examines images of women and the impact of sex and gender stereotyping. It explores women's experiences in families, at school and at work, and considers issues of poverty, violence and sexuality. It focuses on Canadian women but recognizes the diversity of their experiences based on their class, race, sexuality and ability.

Women organizing for social justice is a central theme in this course. Although women continue to face considerable challenges, they also organize to enhance the quality of their lives, protect and expand their rights and strengthen their communities.

This study of women's lives challenges many common myths. It also provides the basis to assess various explanations for the differences between women and men, sex/gender inequalities, and continuing patterns of discrimination.

As part of the Foundations Programme, this nine-credit course includes an intensive and explicit emphasis on the development of transferable skills that support student success at the university. In particular, this course addresses critical reading, essay research, library skills, web research, self-directed and collaborative learning strategies, time management, test-taking and note-taking.

Note: This is a nine credit course, that is, a full course and a half course combined. The workload is commensurate. In addition to the four hours of class time, expect to do at least an additional eight hours of reading and writing outside of class each week.

COURSE DIRECTOR: Professor Linda Briskin
Office: N744 Ross
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