Volume Four Number Two,  Fall 1996


Art and Politics in Interwar Germany: The Photomontages of John Heartfield
    Carolyn Kay

Our Jon in Japan: Making Sense of the American Creed
    Jeffrey M. Hornstein

Ben and Me: The Disney Version
    Anthony Chase

Review Essay

Downsizing the Dream? Race, Class and Justice in the United States
    Corry Dolgon


Introduction: 'History From Way, Way Below:' A Symposium on Robin Kelly's Race Rebels: Culture, Politics and the Black working Class
    Sean Purdy

From 'Culturalism' to Cultural Studies: Towards An Embodied Working Class
    Eileen Boris

Wage and Resistance
    Eric Lott

Class Cultures, Resistance, and the Black Working Class
    Fitzhugh Brundage


  • Mary Kinnear, In Subordination: Professional Women 1870-1970   LINDA M. AMBROSE
  • Bryan D. Palmer, E.P. Thompson: Objections and Oppositions   JEREMY CAPLE
  • Robert J. Young, Colonial Desire: Hybridity in Theory, Culture and Race   DAVID G.A. CASTLE
  • Joanna Bourke, Working Class Cultures in Britain, 1890 1960: Gender, Class and Ethnicity   MICHAEL J. CHILDS
  • Ward Churchill, Indians Are Us? Culture and Genocide in Native North America   NOEL DYCK
  • John D. Fudge, Cargoes, Embargoes and Emissaries. The Commercial and Political Interaction of England and the German Hanse, 1450-1510   ANDREW COLIN GOW
  • Suzanne Morton, Ideal Surroundings. Domestic Life in a Working Class Suburb in the 1920s   DENYSE BAILLARGEON
  • Paul Rutherford, The New Icons?: The Art of Television Advertising   NICK GARDNER
  • Roger Magraw, A History of the French Working Class, Volume I & II   MICHAEL D. SIBALIS
  • The Chilly Collective, eds., Breaking Anonymity: The Chilly Climate for Women Faculty   PATRICIA ELLIOT
  • Louise I. Carbert, Agrarian Feminism: The Politics of Ontario Farm Women   TERRY CROWLEY
  • James Struthers, The Limits Of Affluence: Welfare in Ontario, 1920-1970   EVA GARCIA
  • Carolyn Strange, Toronto's Girl Problem: The Perils And Pleasures Of The City, 1890-1930   SHELLY BLOM
  • A. B. McKillop, Matters of Mind : The University in Ontario, 1791-1951   JOHN D. THOMOS



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