Volume Six Number Two,  Fall 1999

Special Issue on Soviet Ideology


Introduction to Soviet Culture and Ideology
    Karen Petrone & Choi Chatterjee

Ideology, Gender and Propaganda in the Soviet Union: A Historical Survey
    Choi Chatterjee

Vlast' from the Past: Stories told by Bolsheviks
    Lars T. Lih

When Photographs Speak to Whom Do They Talk? The Origins and Audience of SSSR na Stroike (USSR in Construction)
    Erika Wolf

Proletarian Internationalism, "Soviet Patriotism" and the Rise of Russocentric Etatism During the Stalinist 1930s
    David Brandenberger

Review Essays

Shooting Imperialism: Three Documentaries by Julian Samuel
    Cecilia Morgan

The Right Trusty Lord Cornbury: Stripping an Historical Figure
    Thomas A. Foster


  • Nina Rattner Gelbart, The King's Midwife: A History and Mystery of Madame du Coudray   LINDSAY WILSON
  • David Cannadine, The Rise and Fall of Class in Britain   STEPHEN HEATHORN
  • Jody Blake, Le Tumulte Noir: Modernist Art and Popular Entertainment in Jazz-Age Paris, 1900-1930   CHARLENE REGESTER
  • Michael M. Sheng, Battling Western Imperialism: Mao, Stalin, and the United States   STEPHEN G. CRAFT
  • Leo Panitch and Colin Leys, The End of Parliamentary Socialism: From the New Left to New Labour   PATRICK SEYD
  • John M. Coward, the Newspaper Indian: Native American Identities and the Press, 1820-90 and Philip J. Deloria, Playing Indian   GILLIAN POULTER
  • Michael P. Brown, RePlacing Citizenship: AIDS Activism and Radical Democracy   TIMOTHY M. BANKS
  • Colin A.M. Duncan, The Centrality of Agriculture: Between Humankind and the Rest of Nature   PATRICIA ALLEN
  • Pavla Miller, The Transformation of Patriarchy in the West, 1500-1900   JULIE HARDWICK
  • Richard Buel, Jr., In Irons: Britain's Naval Supremacy and the American Revolutionary Economy   ANDREW O'SHAUGHNESSY
  • Carlotta R. Anderson, All American Anarchist: Joseph A. Labadie and the Labor Movement   RICH GIBSON
  • David Rayside, On the Fringe: Gay and Lesbian Politics   MOMIN RAHMAN
  • Alison M. Parker, Purifying America: Women, Cultural Reform, and Pro-censorship Activism, 1873-1933   MARK C. ANDERSON
  • Anthony Chase, Law and History: The Evolution of the American Legal System   DAVID THOMAS KONIG
  • Mark Solomon, The Cry Was Unity: Communists and African-Americans, 1917-1936   RANDI STORCH
  • Alan C. Purves, The Web of Text and the Web of God: An Essay on the Third Information Transformation   J. MACGREGOR WISE
  • Donald C. MacDonald, The Happy Warrior: Political Memoirs   ALVIN FINKEL
  • Phillippe Gottraus, "Socialisme ou Barbarie." Un engagement politique et intellectuel dans la France de l'apres-guerre   MARCEL VAN DER LINDEN
  • Perry Mars, Ideology and Change: The Transformation of the Caribbean Left   MARK T. BERGER
  • Dennis Dworkin, Cultural Marxism in Postwar Britain: History, the New Left and the Origins of Cultural Studies and John Bellamy Foster, editors, In Defense of History: Marxism and the Postmodern Agenda   DAN SCHILLER
  • Margaret E. Keck and Kathryn Sikkink, Activists Beyond Borders: Advocacy Networks in International Politics   NANCY A. NAPLES
  • Judy Kaplan and Linn Shapiro, eds., Red Diapers: Growing Up in the Communist Left   REBECCA SCHREIBER



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