Class GraffitiExperimentTrace

  extended by GraffitiExperimentTrace

public class GraffitiExperimentTrace
extends java.lang.Object

GraffitiExperimentTrace - utility software to plot the stroke trace data in the sd3 files created by GraffitiExperiment.

The sd3 data file processed by this utility must be in a specific format. The first line contains the first "presented text phrase" for a block of trials. This is following by a series of lines, in pairs, containing the trace data (comma delimited). The trace data for each stroke is encoded in two consecutive lines: the x samples, then the y samples. Each line begins with "x=" or "y=", as appropriate. The line following the trace data contains the "transcribed text phrase". This is followed by a separator line containing dashes ("-----"). More data follow, formatted as above, for the remaining phrases in the block.

Click here for an example of an sd3 data file.


     PROMPT>java GraffitiExperimentTrace
The program begins with a file chooser showing all the sd3 files in the current directory:

After selecting a file, the trace data are loaded and the application frame appears showing the first stroke in the first phrase, for example

Clicking "Next" or "Previous" will step through the strokes in the current phrase. Below is a screen snap after several clicks of "Next".

As strokes are displayed the progress of text entry appears in the "Progress" text field. This shows the text as it appeared during the original entry of the phrase. This is useful in revealing the mistakes that were made and why they occurred (e.g., a malformed stroke or an unrecognized stroke).

The result of the stroke recognition process is shown in a large font in a text field on the right (see screen snap above). Unrecognized strokes appear as "#". Straight-line strokes conforming to eight compass directions appear as "=N", "=NE", "=E", and so on. An exception is a south or down stroke which appears as "i".

Holding Shift on the system keyboard while clicking "Next" or "Previous" advances to the next or previous phrase in the file.

Data for a new file may be loaded by clicking "Browse...".

Scott MacKenzie, 2011-2013

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static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
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public GraffitiExperimentTrace()
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public static void main(java.lang.String[] args)