Raymond A. Mar

Graduate Students:
       Marina Rain, M.A. (Primary Supervision)
       Joshua A. Quinlan, M.A. (Primary Supervision)

       Ashley Chung, M.A.
       Elizabeth van Monsjou, M.A.
       Caroline Erentzen, M.A.
       Graham McCreath, H.B.Sc.
       Ronda Lo, M.A.
       Jessica Padgett, M.A.
       Farzaneh Heidari, H.B.Sc.

[Past Graduate Students]

If you are interested in joining the lab, either at the M.A., Ph.D., or post-doctoral level,
please contact Dr. Mar.

Undergraduate Students:
        Simran Purewal (Lab Manager)
        Amin Khajehnassiri
        Joseph Hoyda
        Riana Fisher
        Krithika Sukumar
        Sean Morse
        Elina Gama Fila (Independent study)
        Eric Austerberry
        Loretta Hoac (Honours thesis)
        Cindy Ta

[Past Undergraduates]

We are currently accepting applications for volunteer research assistants.
Please send (1) a cover letter, (2) an unofficial transcript (copied from the web), and (3) a curriculum vitae
via e-mail to the lab manager.

        York University 
           Department of Psychology 
           Social Personality Area (Member)
           Brain, Behaviour, and Cognitive Sciences Area (Affiliate)
           Neuroscience Diploma Program (Member)
           Cognitive Science Program (Member)

        OnFiction (Editor)
        Scientific Study of Literature (Editorial Board)
       Frontiers in Personality and Social Psychology (Review Editorial Board)
       Empirical Studies of the Arts (Editorial Board)
        Discourse Processes (Editorial Board)
Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts (Editorial Board)