Nancy Nicol


Researched, written, produced and directed by Nancy Nicol


The Queer Nineties, (91 minutes, 2009) a documentary on the legal and social advances in lesbian and gay equality and the growth and ethno-diversity of the lgbt movement during 1990s, in Canada.


One Summer in New Paltz, a cautionary tale, (54:00, 2008) a documentary on the civil disobedience same-sex marriages in the USA focusing on the town of New Paltz, New York. (May 2008)


Proud Lives: Chris Bearchell (16:00, 2007) a memorial tribute to Chris Bearchell, a leader in the lesbian and gay rights movement. (Honourable Mention for Best Female Director in the shorts category, Inside Out, Toronto, 2007)

Pride and Resistance (five three-minute shorts, created for large screen projection for Pride Day in Toronto June 2007) on queer history from 1971 to 2006, funded by Xtra and Pride Toronto.


The End of Second Class (90:00, ©Jan. 2006) a documentary on the history of the battle for same sex marriage in Canada.

Making the Political Appear, Black Queer Histories of Organizing, (documentation of conference, 105 minutes. 2006) Chair: Rinaldo Walcott Speakers: Makeda Silvera, Douglas Stewart, Cassandra Lord, Syrus Ware, Notisha Massaquoi Performance by: Faith Nolan


Politics of the Heart / La politique du coeur (68:00 ©Dec. 2005) French and English versions; a documentary based in Quebec, on relationship recognition, same sex marriage and changes to the Civil Code of Quebec to extend filiations and adoption rights to same sex parents.

Proud Lives: George Hislop (10:00, 2005) a memorial tribute to George Hislop, a leader in the lesbian and gay rights movement.

Proud Lives: Greg Pavelidge (10:00, 2005) a memorial tribute to Greg Pavelidge, a leader in the lesbian and gay rights movement.


Gay liberation oral history: (40 hours © 2003) Part 1: Gay Liberation (Ontario 1969 - 1987); Part 2: The Bath Raids (Toronto, 1981)


Stand Together (124:00, Betacam SP, colour, stereo) a documentary on the history of lesbian and gay liberation movement in Canada, 1967 to 1987.


And That's Why I'm Leaving, Landscapes and Stories (16:00, DVcam, colour, mono). Shot in Northern Ireland, the work explores issues of war, national identity and human rights. (Part one of a four-part series entitled Landscapes and Stories in progress.)


Migrante, stories and songs of migrant Filipino Workers, (75 min. BETA, colour, stereo - in Tagalog & English) - a documentary examining conditions faced by Filipino migrant workers. Songs by Panday Sining (Worker's Art), interviews and dramatic performance.


Gay Pride and Prejudice, (63 min. BETA, colour, stereo, two channel video installation) - a documentary / experimental video which probes the 1994 Ontario legislature debate and defeat of bill 167 (which sought to include same sex spousal relationships in existing statutes).


Panday Sining, (15 min. 3/4 inch. colour, stereo) - a performance document of Panday Sining (part of on-going work on Migrante; work-in-progress title: Women of Colour, Work and Citizenship)


Women of Colour, Work and Citizenship, treatment for documentary Migrante, stories and songs of migrant Filipino Workers. Research and writing: Nancy Nicol, Pura Valesco, Rose Gutierrez, and Nora Angelos-Richardson.


A Choice for Irish Women, (45 min., BETA, colour, mono) - a documentary shot in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland which examines the polarized debate on abortion; the role of church and state and growing social pressure for change.


Working for Piece Work Wages, (35 min., 3/4 inch. colour, mono - in Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, and Mandarin Chinese) - documentary, co-produced and directed by Nancy Nicol and Phyllis Waugh in collaboration with the Immigrant Women's Health Centre, Toronto. The video follows the Immigrant Women's Health Centre Mobile unit into the garment factories of Toronto.


The Struggle for Choice, (3/4 inch. colour and black and white, mono) - a five part documentary series, on the history of the pro-choice movement in Canada, 1970 to 1987, as follows:

Part One Abortion Caravan 31 min.

Part Two Access 34 min.

Part Three Quebec 1971-1980 7 min.

Part FourRestraint/Repression 30 min.

Part FiveThe Legal Battle 30 min.


Horizontal Forest, installation and performance-based works incorporating handtinted photographs & mixed media; life sized puppets & video on the theme of culture and landscape

Selling Out, (30 min., 3/4 inch. colour, mono) - dramatisation and documentary, examining the strike of public sector clerical workers in 1980.

Strong Women Strong Unions, (34 min., 3/4 inch. colour, mono) Produced by CEIU (Canadian Employment and Immigration Union) - a document of the women's conference of the PSAC.

50,000 Strong, (60 min. 3/4 inch. colour, mono) Produced by CEIU (Canadian Employment and Immigration Union) - a documentary of Clerks Strike of 1980.


Mini Skools Pays Mini Wages, (23 min., 3/4 inch. colour, mono) - a documentary on a strike of daycare workers against Kindercare, the "McDonalds of Daycare".

Our Choice, A Tape About Teen-Age Mothers, (36 min., 3/4 inch. colour, mono) - Produced by the Women's Media Alliance, in co-operation with Jessies Centre for Teen-Age Mothers - a documentary on teen pregnancy.


Intervention Productions Presents: `Let Poland be Poland', (83 min., 3/4 inch. colour and black & white mono) - an experimental / documentary video which examines the responses of governments east and west to the declaration of marshal law in Poland in1981.


Sacrificial Burnings, (40 min., 3/4 inch. colour, mono) - an experimental narrative which interweaves themes of the depiction of women by the Hollywood 'glamour mill'; medieval witch burnings, the role of the church and a crisis of identity of a Portuguese lesbian.


The Miniature Theatre - Notes from an Unknown Source, A Science Fiction, (28 min., 3/4 inch. colour, mono) - originally produced as a installation including video projection, photomontage, furniture - this Kafka-esk narrative explores themes of bureaucracy through a science fiction genre.


Waves - Counteracting Sync, experimental installation environment work comprised of four 16 mm black & white film loops and audio tracks composed on an Arp synthesizer, piano and tape manipulation.


'untitled', experimental film installation, two screen projection in 16 mm film, black & white and colour, 20 min.

Demolition Series, Etchings, Photographic blueprints, serigraphy and photogravure (30 works)