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The Development Review

The Development Review is an undergraduate academic journal which covers a range of fields reaching from International Development Studies to Indigenous Studies, Human Rights and Equity Studies, Environmental and Gender Studies, Sustainable Business Studies, Global Political Studies and a variety of fields relating to development, peace, and social issues.

The aim of our publication is to present an interdisciplinary compilation of academic pieces which will be interesting to the reader and give a voice to undergraduates writing in these fields. Young undergraduates often have some of the most critical and insightful views into contemporary issues as well as a great deal of passion for motivating others through their writing to take action on common challenges of our time. This journal is as much a voice for those students and a platform for constructive dialogue as it is a catalyst for change and progress towards peace, social justice, and sustainability.

Our journal is a free and virtual publication, encouraging ease of access to as many readers as possible in order to generate dialogue and make available the knowledge and ideas generated in our volumes. We wish you happy reading and welcome your feedback.

Virgil Haden-Pawlowski
Journal Co-Founder
Undergraduate, York University

The Development Review (Poverty Eradication Project) 2011