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The RCI is a registered charity, the only organization of its kind in Canada with a broad focus and open membership.  We value every member, because you thereby support our goal of increasing the public's understanding of science, and of creating an environment in which science can flourish and be appreciated.  All members will receive details of upcoming lectures and other events sponsored by the RCI, either by e-mail or by post as they prefer.  In addition, members are eligible to be awarded our Certificate of Scientific Literacy (see details here).

When you go to the Canadahelps.org website, you will be able to make a donation to the RCI in any amount you choose.  A donation of $ 30 and above will begin (or renew) your membership for a period of twelve months.  (Seniors and students can become members, or renew their membership, for $ 20 and above.)   If you have donated a total of $ 500 (either at one time or in a series of donations) you will become a Life Member, and your membership will be extended indefinitely. 

Canadahelps.org will provide you with a receipt for your donation, which is eligible for a full tax credit in Canada.  After receiving your donation, we will get in touch to find out how you would like us to communicate with you on an ongoing basis.

Royal Canadian Institute, 700 University Avenue H-7D, Toronto ON M5G 1X6

Phone 416-977-2983    Fax 416-962-7314

e-mail: royalcanadianinstitute@sympatico.ca

website: http://www.royalcanadianinstitute.org

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