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Dr. Leblanc is an expert in law, governance, and ethics, and is listed under York University's Experts Guide.

Richard Leblanc is a dynamic speaker who has been called upon by the media to give his views on board and individual director effectiveness across all sectors and industries. In demand by corporations and associations across Canada and beyond, Professor Leblanc uses his extensive knowledge and research in governance to assist corporations and individuals alike in understanding and anticipating best corporate governance practices. He has studied the boards and interviewed directors of Fortune 500 companies, as well as training regulators and directors from Central and South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Far East.

Dr Leblanc’s corporate governance findings have been of interest to boards of directors, individual directors, shareholders, governments, regulators, the media and professional advisors to boards (law, accounting, consulting and recruiting). His research and expertise extend across the following areas:

  • Board effectiveness, including structure, membership, process and tasks;
  • Director effectiveness, including independence, competence, attributes and tasks;
  • Women on boards and diversity;
  • Board governance across all sectors (publicly traded, state-owned, not-for-profit, private, member associations, hospitals) and industries;
  • Director education and orientation;
  • Roles and responsibilities of the board (fiduciary, strategic, oversight and governance);
  • Best committee practices (Audit, Compensation, Nominating/Governance);
  • Shareholder accountability and corporate governance disclosure;
  • Strategic planning and risk oversight by the board;
  • Board succession planning;
  • Director professionalism, including qualifications, responsibilities and compensation practices;
  • Ethics and corporate compliance oversight by the board; and
  • Board, committee and director assessments.
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BNN – Corporate governance concerns mount at HBC after closed-door meeting

There are corporate governance concerns swirling around HBC as the company's executive chair spearheads a go-private bid. For more on this, BNN Bloomberg spoke with Richard Leblanc professor at York University.

BNN – Corporate governance issues at SNC in focus as scandal grows

Questions are surfacing about SNC-Lavalin's corporate governance and disclosure practices as the scandal surrounding the company continues to grow. Richard Leblanc, professor at York University joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss.

CBC News – SNC-Lavalin affair: Deferred prosecution agreement still on the table

CBC News update on the status of the deferred prosecution agreement that’s at the centre of the SNC-Lavalin affair, featuring Dr. Richard Leblanc.

ACCA: Tenets Of Good Corporate Governance - Webinar

Leading governance expert Richard Leblanc and Jo Iwasaki of ACCA discuss themes and issues that commonly recur across the debate on corporate governance.

BNN – Outlook for Hydro One's new board of directors

Richard Leblanc, professor at York University, joins BNN Bloomberg to react to the newest board members of Hydro One. He says it's a much better board consisting of directors who appear have been chosen for merit rather than political reasons.

Hydro One needs directors with on-the-ground utility expertise: Corporate governance expert

Richard LeBlanc, corporate governance expert and a professor at York University, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss the resignation of Hydro One's CEO and entire board of directors at the hands of new Ontario Premier Doug Ford. LeBlanc says the end result "is very good for ratepayers" and discusses the challenges Ford faces in reshaping the company's leadership.

CBC News Toronto: Hydro One Board Compensation

Listen to Dr. Leblanc's take on recently announced Hydro One board compensation—just before the provincial election.

Corporate governance expert: Wynn Resorts may need to rebrand

Richard LeBlanc, corporate governance professor at York University joins BNN to provide perspective on the Steve Wynn misconduct claims, what could be next for Wynn Resorts, and the company board's role in all of this.

BNN – Corporate governance expert says Loblaw's 'brand will recover' from price-fixing scandal

Richard LeBlanc, corporate governance expert at York University joins BNN to weigh-in on Loblaw's response to its price-fixing scandal as registration for $25 vouchers opens today.

BNN - If things get worse for Morneau, Trudeau should cut him loose: Corporate governance expert

Richard Leblanc, professor of corporate governance at York University, joins BNN to provide perspective on the ongoing duel between the Liberal government and the Tories over ethics-related controversies facing Finance Minister Bill Morneau. Now the Conservatives are calling for his resignation.

Uber’s New CEO Should be an Outsider: Corporate Governance Expert

Richard Leblanc, professor of corporate governance at York University joins BNN to dig into the Uber management debacle, and where the company goes from here.

Inside America's Boardrooms: Will your town at the bottom impact shareholder value?

To tackle this important topic, we’re joined by Dr. Richard Leblanc (professor, lawyer, governance expert, and author of the recently released The Handbook of Board Governance).

Bombardier governance concerns: CBC Business News

Richard LeBlanc, associate professor of governance law and ethics at York University, on Bombardier's dual-class share structure.

BNN: 'A material conflict' if HOOPP is behind Home Capital credit: professor

Bloomberg is reporting the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan is behind Home Capital's line of credit. The CEO of HOOPP is also a Home Capital shareholder and on the board. York University professor Richard Leblanc tells BNN, if the news is true, this presents a clear and material conflict of interest.

BNN: 'A material conflict' if HOOPP is behind Home Capital credit: professor

Bloomberg is reporting the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan is behind Home Capital's line of credit. The CEO of HOOPP is also a Home Capital shareholder and on the board. York University professor Richard Leblanc tells BNN, if the news is true, this presents a clear and material conflict of interest.

Valeant CEO paid $63M in 2016 while stock plunged

Valeant CEO Joseph Papa took home US$62.7 million in 2016 as the stock dropped, providing an 85-per-cent negative return for shareholders. York University professor of corporate governance, Richard Leblanc joins BNN to discuss executive compensation.

CTV NEWS:Your Morning – Why are the big five Canadian banks being investigated?

A federal investigation is being launched into business practices of the big five Canadian banks. York University's Richard LeBlanc explains.

CBC NEWS:Canadian 'dummy' corporate directors: tools for tax avoidance

Watch Dr. Leblanc discuss how Canada's rules permit figurehead directors.

Dr Leblanc on The Conference Board: Governance Watch webcast

Watch Dr. Leblanc discuss his new book, the Handbook of Board Governance.

BNN - ‘These guys got nailed’

Richard Leblanc, talks about Former Valeant, Phildor execs arrested on fraud, conspiracy charges.


BNN - TD board's most important responsibility is CEO succession

Richard Leblanc, associate professor of law, governance and ethics at York University joins us to discuss what TD Bank and TD Ameritrade's acquisition of Scottrade may signal regarding potential succession plans at the bank.


Inside America’s Boardrooms: Key Steps to Building an Effective Board

Richard Leblanc is put on the hot seat to discuss key steps to creating a great board—and how investors can know how effective their board really is.

BNN Pay Check: Canada's Top-Paid CEOs

The numbers are in. Richard LeBlanc, Associate Professor, York University, joins BNN to stoke the executive compensation debate with the annual ranking of Canada's highest-paid CEOs.

CBC Exchange: Proxy Access

Watch Dr. Leblanc talk about Proxy Access for boards and how it could be a corporate governance game-changer.

CBC News: Networking CEOs a Tight Club

York University’s Richard LeBlanc on the tight networks of friends on corporate boards.

CBC Exchange: SNC-Lavalin Faces Charges

Law professor Richard Leblanc on the governance dilemma over corruption.

BNN CEO Pay Under Scrutiny — Corporate Canada

Richard Leblanc, Associate Professor, Law, Governance and Ethics, York University joins BNN to offer insight on corporate Canada's CEO debate.

McCuistion: Board Diversity

Watch Richard Leblanc discuss the importance of board diversity and how a diverse board can be beneficial to a company.

BNN - The Confidence to Invest Special

Watch Richard Leblanc on BNN provide insights on the world of investing and markets as key investment locations.

BNN: The Price We Pay: Executive Compensation Special (Pt. 1)

Watch Richard Leblanc on BNN talk about executive compensation. This is part 1. Part 2, 3, and 4 are in the related videos section.


BNN - Stronach's Sky High Pay Days Numbered at Magna

Watch Richard Leblanc on BNN talk about Stronach's consultancy fee at Magna.

U of T Rotman School of Management: CANCON 2014 - Introduction to Corporate Governance

Watch Dr. Leblanc present an Introduction to Corporate Governance at CANCON 2014. Link has video and slideshow.


Alberta Prime Time: The Sunshine List

Watch Dr. Leblanc discuss Alberta's recently released sunshine list that reveals the salaries of all public employes earning over $100,000/yr.

McCuistion: What Good Board Members do to Help Organizations Succeed

Watch Dr. Leblanc appear on McCuistion for a talk on the current state of Boards and what strategies can be used to make them successful.

BNN: Telus Debate: What is Best for Shareholders?

Watch Dr. Leblanc appear on BNN's August 29th episode all about the Telus shareholder debate.

Building Your Board Up and Keeping it Strong

Part of the Nonprofit Risk Management Conference. It talks about recruiting, developing and assessing the right directors for your board.

Directors Source Webinar Series

Webinar to 1,800 directors on not for profit governance, including recruitment, development, assessment, questions and answers.

Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA)

Keynote presentation on a model of board effectiveness, including structure, membership, process and tasks.

Witness for the Board of Directors Gender Parity Act

Board of Directors Gender Parity Act (S-206) at the Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce.

BNN: Jamie Dimon’s future at JPMorgan

Watch Dr. Leblanc on BNN with Allan Small as they talk about the recent vote to keep Jamie Dimon at JPMorgan.


How to Create Effective Nonprofit Boards: The Necessity of Governance and Leadership

Presentation given through the University of Texas at Dallas, (IECG) Institute for Excellence in Corporate Governance.


CTV Lang & O’Leary Exchange: CPP Strike - What to do with the Board

Television interview on the CPP Strike and the board’s structure change. (Richard appears at the 6:30 mark).

50 Nuggets in 60 Minutes: Excerpt from Conference Speech

Spoke on fifty Corporate Governance related points in a one hour session.

Canadian Society of Corporate Secretaries’ Annual Conference

Trends and Issues in Corporate Governance Since The Financial Crisis.

Hennick Centre for Business & Law: Women on Boards

Plenary discussion on strengthening diversity initiatives in the workplace and on boards of directors.

ROB TV’s SqueezePlay: Directors With Personality

Television interview on board leadership, industry knowledge, teamwork, the capacity to challenge and other attributes.

The Agenda with Steve Paikin: Keeping Ontario Accountable

Television panel discussion on governmental accountability, oversight, compliance and best practices.


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