The Journals & Notebook of
 Nathan Bangs 1805-1806, 1817


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Editorial Annotations

Cornish mistakenly lists Thomas Madden as the circuit rider for the Oswegatchie circuit in 1805 (272).  Madden in fact rode the Smith's Creek circuit in 1805 (Playter 84).


Thursday August 9 1805 [Thursday August 8]

Last Saturday I came to this (Oswegotche) Circuit at which time the Quarter[ly] Meeting meeting meeting began. One woman after meeting, who attended meeting, was suddenly taken into Eternity. On Monday I preached her funeral, and it was a very moving time blessed by God. O that we may be prepared for the summons. This day I preached with liberty to [a] small company. I find my mind insensibly drawn at times from God, but it gives me pain. O Lord do thou help me to keep an even balance in my mind that I may always do those things that are well pleasing in thy sight. I do not feel such a sweet heavenly frame [of mind] as I would wish, nor as I have felt at some times tho I am often enabled to rejoice in God my Saviour. I think the reason might be that my mind is too much attached to the world. Lord do thou fill every part of my soul for Christís sake.

29 July 1805


16 August 1805

Primary Sources

John Carroll Case and His Cotemporaries Carroll on the Oswegatchie Circuit in 1806



Quarterly Meeting: Every three months along every circuit a meeting was held for administrative and disciplinary purposes. Class leaders were often appointed to their roles by itinerants on these occasions.


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