The Journals & Notebook of
 Nathan Bangs 1805-1806, 1817


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Wednesday 10 [Wednesday 9 October 1805]

Yesterday I preached at a place where there are only five in society—blessed be Jesus, we had a powerful time. The hearts of all seemed to be melted, and the most of them stayed in class meeting, and professed a determination to serve God. May God help them to fulfil their engagements.

This day in secret I felt such a sweet communion with me dear Lord, that my soul was filled with raptures of Divine Joy. I have felt for these some days past as tho death would be but little terror to me[;] blessed be God. I know not that there is any thing which hath a share in my affections equal to God. I have my friends with a pure affection, but only in subserving to my heavenly friend. Lord evermore keep me in this happy and heavenly frame of mind.

4 October 1805


23 October 1805

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society: A term used to loosely describe both  members and adherents of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

class meeting: Usually each "appointment" or stop along a circuit would have one or more classes with a formal leader consisting of not more than twenty members. Attendance at weekly class meetings was obligatory in order to remain a Methodist in good standing. Members were accountable to each other and to the class leader for their spiritual progress.

communion: Fellowship (in reference to other Methodists) or intimacy (in reference to God).


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