The Journals & Notebook of
 Nathan Bangs 1805-1806, 1817


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Editorial Annotations

Bangs is continually preoccupied with avoiding the "great transgression," a reference to Psalm 19.13, and possibly a reference to the "unforgivable" sin against the Holy Spirit described in the New Testament. Although this is another very private entry clearly never intended for publication, Bangs is not explicit about what might have constituted, for him, that "great transgression."


Monday Sep 6 [Monday 9 September 1805] 

I never laboured under greater embarrassments of mind than yesterday. At both appointments it seemed the cloud of heaviness was impinatrible [impenetrable] but in the evening the cloud dispersed and God showed that he could answer prayer, but it was in a still small voice, but tho small it was sweet and welcome, blessed be God [cf. 1 Kg 19.11-13]. My soul feels devoted to God at present, but I find powerful besetments at times, but God deals with me as a tender Father with his Son. When I want encouraging he does it by some means and when I want humbling he brings it to pass; and I find fresh matter to praise him for every moment tho I cannot praise him as perfectly as I would, yet I do as I can. O my Heavenly Father do thou take me into a secured nearness to thyself that I may be kept pure from the great transgression [Ps 19.13; cf. Lk 12.10; Mt 12.31-2]. I cannot but believe that in resolutely resisting the first motion of a temptation which hath often troubled me, I received power against it and it hath not troubled me since. O that I might always observe this method. O Lord help me to resist steadfast in the faith through Jesus Christ.

20 August 1805


14 September 1805

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want: To be in need of something (as opposed to simply desiring it).


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