The Journals & Notebook of
 Nathan Bangs 1805-1806, 1817


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Bangs lodged with his sister and her husband shortly after first arriving in Niagara in 1799. She had already converted to Methodism and had begun the work of proselytizing among her own family members. That Bangs would chose to write to his sister about his experiences as an itinerant is not surprising. The letter to which he here refers unfortunately does not survive.


Wednesday February 6 [5 February 1806]

Since I last wrote I have had constant employment in my Master's work. O the inconceivable value [ms. torn] a Redeemer. For these few days past I have had a humbling sight of myself. It seems that I am less than the best of God's Servants. I am thankful to get into the valley for there I find Christ most previous. It is only when we come out of self that we have the most pleasant view of Jesus. When we are full of self we can see nothing else that is beautiful, but alas what a deformed creature it is when rightly viewed. It serves nevertheless [ms. torn] a bold shade to set off the Justice and amiableness of Jesus, who is full [of good]ness and truth.

[I] have just finished writing my experience, which I have enclosed in a letter to my sister at Niagara, whom I love in the truth. I know not but I have taken a bold step. I hope however God will except [accept] of a sincere intention tho it be not the fittest way of repaying goodness. I take a kind of sweet satisfaction in reviewing my past life and in enumerating the loving kindness of God towards me.

1 January 1806


1 March 1806

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Abel Stevens Life and Times of Nathan Bangs Sisterly admonitions and spiritual resolve





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