The Journals & Notebook of
 Nathan Bangs 1805-1806, 1817


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This entry illustrates more clearly than any made since the Hay Bay camp meeting Bangs's intensely dualistic concept of spiritual forces (together with the human agents of those forces).


Wednesday January 1st 1806

Another year is gone and how little is done for God's Glory. I am really ashamed when I reflect upon my unprofitableness. O Lord enter not into Judgement with thy unworthy servant [Ps 143.2]. O my Soul enter into a fresh engagement to be more than ever engaged in doing the Master's work [cf. 2 Tm 2.20-22]. I bless God I feel at peace with every one, so far as I know except it be the Devil and his immediate agents. May God enable one to attack him in his Strong holds at every turn. I dread worse than death a Lukewarm spirit. I had ra[th]er fight Devils every moment than to get into a Laodicean spirit [Rev 3.13-16]. This I consider to be one of the Devil's Strong holds, for a Lukewarm professor, is offensive to God, being of no use in the Church, but only a dead weight to those who would be alive to God.

25 December 1805


5 February 1806

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Laodicean spirit: A biblical reference to the condemnation of the "Church of Laodicea" for being "neither hot nor cold" but "lukewarm" in its commitment to the Gospel (Rev 3.13-16).

professor: A believer or adherent of a particular faith


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