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Shannon Bell


Photo by Lev Marder

Shannon Bell is a performance philosopher who-lives-and-writes philosophy-in-action.

Her books include: Subversive Itinerary: The Thought of Gad Horowitz coedited with Peter Kulchyski (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2013), Fast Feminism (Autonomedia, 2010), Reading, Writing and Rewriting the Prostitute Body (Indiana University Press 1994); Whore Carnival (Autonomedia1995); Bad Attitude/s on Trial  coauthored with Brenda Cossman, Lise Gotell and Becki Ross (University of Toronto Press 1997); New Socialisms eds. Robert Albritton, Shannon Bell, John R. Bell and Richard Westra (Routledge 2004).

More recently Bell has been researching extremes in art – particularly bio and hybrid art.

Bell is currently working on shooting theory –– videoing-imagining philosophical concept such as Heidegger’s stillness, Husserl’s epoché, Batiallian waste, Weil’s attention, Deleuzian deterritorialization, Virilio’s vision machine and accident,Weil's attention, Benjamin's flâneuring and telegraphing the past through the present, Levinas' elemental, and Mallin's sinuosity.

Bell is a professor in York University’s Political Science department, Toronto, Canada. She teaches modern and postcontemporary theory, cyberpolitics, aesthetics and politics, violent philosophy and fast feminism.

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