Shyam Ranganathan
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I am an author, philosopher, translation theorist, translator and teacher at the Department of Philosophy, York University Toronto.

I am also an associate at the York Centre for Asian Research.


I am interested, and write on, the objectivity of ethics and other philosophical issues, including thought and reason, as something that comes apart from language, culture and species.

While my work on these topics is squarely in the analytic tradition,  since the mid 90s I have taken the case of the (failure) of the study of nonwestern moral philosophy, especially Indian ethics, as a test case for making sense of broader issues in moral philosophy and logic.


I suppose what makes a lot of my work strange is that while most who endorse the reality of language and cultural moral facts often deny the possibility of radical disagreement on these issues, I think that radical disagreement is a condition of all serious knowledge, and the facts to be discovered are facts about what we can disagree about in various areas of inquiry. What we can disagree about is objective and facts about such objects are objective facts.