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Staff Members Projects


Post Doctoral Fellows:


Dr. Eric S. Clelland

(2008 - 2010)


Graduate Students:


PhD Candidates


Chun Chih Chen



Sima Jonusaite

(co-supervised with A. Donini)

(Graduated 2016)


Dennis Kolosov

(Graduated 2016)


Helen Chasiotis

(Graduated 2011)



MSc Candidates


Sheralyn Au


Ana Cuciureanu


Fargol Nowghani

(co-supervised with A. Donini)


Julia Gauberg


Anna Zimina

(Graduated 2016)


Sean McKee

(Graduated 2015)


Carolyn Arbanas

(Graduated 2011)


Phuong Bui

(Graduated 2011)


Nicole Duffy

(Graduated 2009)


Lucy Fernandes

(Graduated 2007)



Undergraduate Students:


Select opportunities available



Research Associate:



Research Themes:

1. Occluding junctions and occluding junction proteins of aquatic vertebrates and invertebrates

2. The endocrine regulation of paracellular permeability in gills and primary cultured gill epithelia

3. Epithelial remodelling in response to environmental change in aquatic vertebrates and invertebrates

4. The endocrine regulation of epithelial remodelling in aquatic vertebrates

5. Development of in vitro model gill epithelia using primary cell culture techniques

6. Botanicals as adaptogens and novel regulators of salt and water balance in aquatic vertebrates

7. Tight junction proteins and oocyte maturation in fishes

8. Endocrine factors that control appetite and osmoregulation in aquatic vertebrates



Salt & water balance in Chironomus riparius (with A. Donini, YorkU)

Salt & water balance in Hexagenia rigida (with A. Donini, YorkU & T. Watson-Leung, MoE)           













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