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TIEDI Analytical Report 27- February 2012

Promotion in the Workplace: How is promotion in the workplace affected by nativity, period of immigration, ethnicity, gender, education, occupation and employment tenure?

by Tony Fang, Philip Kelly, Fang Yang, Stella Park and Maryse Lemoine


Key Findings

- This report examines the likelihood of an employee having received a promotion. Among those who have been promoted, it also examines how many promotions they have received.

- As a whole, Canadian-born have a higher probability of promotion compared to both established immigrants and recent immigrants, though the difference is small. However, among those that had been promoted, recent immigrants received fewer promotions than Canadian-born or established immigrants.

- Past performance evaluations and experience gained at previous jobs are the two most important factors in getting a promotion – this applies to both immigrants and Canadian-born.

- When examined by ethno-racial grouping, White employees in the Canadian-born and recent immigrant categories recorded a much higher likelihood of promotion than those from other groups.  However, the pattern for the number of promotions received is less straightforward.

- Gender appears to play an insignificant role in determining the likelihood of promotion, but there is a gender disparity in terms of how many times, on average, a person has been promoted.

- Level of education is closely related to the likelihood of receiving a promotion, but the number of promotions a person receives is less clearly related to education.

Click here to read the full-report, http://www.yorku.ca/tiedi/doc/AnalyticalReport27.pdf



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