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TIEDI Public Outreach Events (2012)

The purpose of the Toronto Immigrant Employment Data Initiative- Public Outreach Grant Initiative (POGI) is to complete the research and dissemination cycle initiated by TIEDI in 2008. Through this project, partners and stakeholders of TIEDI will be engaged to identify practise and policy implications and develop recommendations that emerge from the research. This project will also disseminate the TIEDI model of community-driven, data-based and policy-relevant research to other significant immigrant communities across Canada through various conference presentations and social media.

Since the launch of TIEDI's POGI event in October 2011, TIEDI's team members have given over 30 presentations.



Month/Day/ Year


TIEDI- International Metropolis Conference, Azores Islands, Ponta Delgada (Tony Fang)

Sep 12-16,2011


TIEDI Forum- Public Outreach Project launch(TIEDI team)

Oct 27, 2011


TIEDI Roundtable session 1: Pathways to Permanent Residence: The Impact of Changes to Immigration Policies and Categories on Immigrant service providers (Philip Kelly, Rupa Banerjee, Sophia Lowe, Erika Gates-Gasse, Stella Park)

Jan 27, 2012


TIEDI Roundtable Session 2: Filling the Data Gap: A conversation on Coordinating and Using Program Data (Lucia Lo, Tim Owen, Tony Fang, Stella Park)

Feb 3, 2012


Citizenship and Immigration Canada: Local Immigration Partnership conference (John Shields)

Feb 8-10, 2012


HRSDC Workshop to Improve Foreign Qualifications Recognition (FQR) Data and Information (Edmonton, Alberta, Stella Park)

Feb 14-15, 2012


Secondary Data Sets and the Impact of Settlement Services on Labour Market Integration. Presentation to “The Impact of the Sector Serving Immigrants: A Critical Introduction”. 14th National Metropolis Conference (Steven Tufts)

Feb 29, 2012


Mobilizing Data on Immigrants in the Labour Market: Applying the Toronto Immigrant Employment Data Initiative (TIEDI) Model: Introduction to TIEDI. 14th National Metropolis Conference (Philip Kelly)

Mar 1, 2012


Applying TIEDI’s Knowledge Mobilization Model to Immigrant Cities in Canada. 14th National Metropolis Conference (Steven Tufts)

Mar 1, 2012


TIEDI: A Community Partner Perspective. 14th National Metropolis Conference (Joan Atlin)

Mar 1, 2012


Policy and Practice Questions Arising from TIEDI. 14th National Metropolis Conference (Rupa Banerjee)

Mar 1, 2012


Building Relationships and Accountability in Our Research: Student Reflections on TIEDI's Knowlege Mobilization Project and the Role of Social Media. 14th National Metropolis Conference (Nathan Prier, Laura Lepper, Stella Park)

Mar 1, 2012


TIEDI - Exhibition Booth at the Metropolis conference

Mar 1-3, 2012


TIEDI Roundtable 3: The Gender Gap in Labour Market Outcomes for Immigrants (Valerie Preston, Erika Gates-Gasse)

Mar 9, 2012


TIEDI Roundtable 4: Immigrant Transitions from Underemployment to Skills-commensurate Employment (Steven Tufts, John Shields, Joan Atlin)

Mar 9, 2012


Moving the Agenda Along: A World Education Services (WES) Stakeholder Forum on Advancing Credential Recognition, Toronto, Ontario (Participants: Philip Kelly, Valerie Preston, Rupa Banerjee)

Mar 28, 2012


Presentation about TIEDI for CERIS- Korean Delegations from South Korea (Stella Park)

Apr 19, 2012


Teleconference meeting with Susanna Lui Gurr, BC Centre for Employment Excellence (project launch from Social Research and Demonstration Corporation, Vancouver, BC (Stella Park)

May 24, 2012



Brokering Data: The TIEDI project and the Statistical Construction of Immigrant Settlement Experiences, Canadian Association of Geographers Annual Meeting (Waterloo, Ontario- Philip Kelly)

May 28, 2012



The Minstry of Citizenship and Immigration, Expert Roundtable on Immigration, Developing Ontario's immigration strategy (Philip Kelly)

May 2012


Learning from the TIEDI Model: A Workshop about TIEDI: the Toronto Immigrant Employment Data Initiative - Public Outreach to Ottawa research team, Ottawa, Ontario, Presenter: Philip Kelly)

June 8, 2012



OMNI News, TV interview for TIEDI Report 29 (Immigrants and the Toronto Food Services and Accommodation Services Sectors- (Steven Tufts)

June 8, 2012


Meeting with the Office of the Ontario Fairness Commissioner (Philip Kelly)

June 11, 2012


TIEDI materials provided to Chancellor of the University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (Lisa Philipps, VPRI, York University, (Stella Park)

Aug 23, 2012


Meeting with Tony Giles, Director General of the Strategic Policy, Analysis and Information Directorate within the federal Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) and York University (Stella Park)

Sep 10, 2012


Presentation at Roundtable Session titled, "Employment and Income: Getting Meaningful Jobs, Breaking Poverty" organized by Mennonite New Life Centre (Philip Kelly)

Sep 19, 2012


Tele-conference meeting with Shawn de Raaf, BC Centre for Employment Excellence), Vancouver, BC (Stella Park)

Sep 28, 2012


Immigrant Women and Employment: What TIEDI's data show, presentation to SAWRO Community Roundtable, Bangladeshi Immigrant Women of East Danforth Avenue, Crescent Town Club, 9am-1pm, Toronto (Stella Park)

Oct 17, 2012


The Great Divide: How Unionization And Diversity Affects the Work Environment In Canadian Hotels (Steven Tufts)

Jan 3, 2013


"Roundtable Discussion on the Experiences of Newcomer Women,"Invited by Honourable Laurel Broten, Minister Resonsible for Women's Issues and Debbie Douglas (OCASI), to participate in Roundtable discussion (TIEDI's Roundtable Discussion 2 paper was distributed) 8am-9:30am (Stella Park)

Jan 10, 2013


PAST EVENTS (2008-2011)

Since 2008, TIEDI has organized various workshops, forums and conference presentations to disseminate our research findings to our community partners. Click on the links below to find out more information.

- October 11, 2011: TIEDI Exchange Forum 3 Thank you for attending TIEDI Forum 2011. This event was a success thanks to the organizers and over 100 attendees. For copies of presentation slides and handouts, click on this link.

- June 23, 2010: TIEDI Exchange Forum 2

- October 10, 2008: TIEDI Exchange Forum 1


- Click here to view full list of past conferences and workshops in 2008-2011




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