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TIEDI Analytical Report 29- June 2012


Immigrants and the Toronto Food Services and Accommodation Services Sectors: What role do immigrant workers play in the employment structure of Toronto’s food services and accommodation services sectors?

by Steven Tufts, Jeanette Chua, Stella Park, Philip Kelly



- Over 50% of all accommodation and food services employees are born outside of Canada.

- Immigrants tend to be in back of house jobs, such as cooks and light duty cleaners in comparison to front of house jobs such as food and beverage servers and front desk clerks.

- Filipino workers, Jamaican born women and Sri Lankan born men are disproportionately concentrated in the accommodation industry, doubling the occupational average.

- In the food service industry Chinese and Sri Lankan born men are both overrepresented. Proportionally, there are more than twice as many Chinese born men and Sri Lankan men in food services in comparison to the occupational average.

- In both accommodations and food services, there are more foreign born workers who have at least a BA in comparison to Canadian born workers.

- On average, foreign born employees earn more annually in comparison to their Canadian born counterparts in accommodations and food services, largely due to the fact that more foreign born workers work full time.

- Public transit users are overrepresented in both accommodations and food services. Rates are especially exaggerated in the accommodation sector among immigrant women.

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