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Section: What is available on the WWW?

What content is available?

There are two major types of content on the WWW:

Publicly accessible content is what most people think of when they think of surfing the web.  Anyone with access to a computer with a browser and internet connection can access publicly accessible content.  It includes content such as:

  • Individuals' personal webpages.

  • Institutional websites, such as the York University website.

  • Some searchable databases, such as the York University Libraries Catalogue or the Internet Movie Database

  • Collective or community-created websites such as Wikipedia (a free online encyclopedia to which anyone can contribute), MySpace and FlickR.

  • Current and recent issues of newspapers, such as the Globe & Mail or the Toronto Star (sometimes this content requires one to register but it is still generally free).

  • Scholarly information that publishing companies or authors have decided to make publicly available.  Unfortunately, scholarly information is often only subscription accessible.

Subscription accessible content includes much material that is valuable for scholarly research.  It is available only to users who have permission to view certain pages or search certain databases. In most cases, the user must either pay to access the content or have access via an institutional affiliation (e.g., a York University member).   It includes content such as:

  • Periodical indexes and databases to find journal articles, such as Scholars Portal Search.

  • Full-text searchable databases that provide complete scholarly articles, such as JSTOR.

  • Databases that search and provide the full-text of back issues of newspapers, such as Factiva.

  • Online books, encyclopedias and dictionaries, such as the content available at Oxford Online.

  • Image banks that search and provide access to artworks, such as ArtSTOR.

  • Music banks that search and provide access to music, such as the Classical Music Library.

All of the subscription accessible content listed above can be accessed through the York University Libraries website.

REMEMBER:  Both types of content contain information that is valuable for research purposes.


Question: What type of content does eBay [] provide? [select the best answer]


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