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Section: Evaluating Web Resources

Discussion: Simon Wiesenthal: Bogus 'Nazi Hunter'

Who is Mark Weber?

One starting point for answering this question might be to do a search on him to see what information can be found.  A search in Google for "Mark Weber" retrieves a number of results, both relevant and irrelevant (i.e., not about Mark Weber).  Below are two relevant results from Google's first page of hits as examples:

What is the Institute for Historical Review and what information is available about the Journal of Historical Review?

To explore these questions, try doing a search on the web to see what is being said about this organization and this publication.

A minute or two of searching about the author, journal and institute has provided a significant amount of information that provides a framework for reading and helping one to critically assess the article Simon Wiesenthal: Bogus 'Nazi Hunter'.


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