WILU/York 2007 logo

36th Annual Conference - York University - Toronto ON - May 16-18, 2007

our thanks to...

Congratulations to Patti Ryan (Librarian, YUL), winner of the WILU 2007 internal York University Libraries slogan competition, and Dolores Sele (Circulation Assistant, YUL) and Dana Craig (Circulation & Reserve Assistant, YUL) who won the prize for best logo idea. Thanks to all who submitted competition entries!

Peter Clinton (Director of Information Technology Services (ITS), University of Toronto Libraries) thank you for kindly providing staff and technology: the online "call for papers" submission form would have been impossible without them! The committee would like to acknowledge the excellent work and advice of Richard Hydal and Wen Ran, both members of ITS at the University of Toronto Libraries.

Thank you Bob Thompson and the Library Computing Services team (YUL) for your help and support with online registration for WILU 2007. The expertise and assistance of Doug Fenwick, Tuan Nguyen and Alison Lo is especially appreciated.

We would like to acknowledge ongoing valuable contributions from Marjorie Mitchell (UBC Okanagan), Don Kinder (Ryerson University), Sheril Hook (University of Toronto) and Joy Muller (Seneca College), who all agreed to serve as ex-officio members of the WILU 2007 Program Committee. Your ideas and input have helped us to ensure the creation of a successful conference program.

Thank you to all WILU 2007 conference volunteers and convenors - your hard work and contributions in making this a successful conference are much appreciated.

Finally we'd like to thank the organizers of WILU 2006 (Acadia), in particular Tanja Harrison and Erin Patterson, for their role as ex-officio members of the WILU 2007 Program Committee. Thank you for your excellent advice and support over the last two years!


As host of the WILU 2007 conference, York University Libraries takes pride in continuing the WILU tradition of setting reasonable registration fees in order to keep the conference as accessible as possible. As such, we depend on the generosity of sponsorships to make this conference a success. WILU 2007 thanks the sponsors of this year's conference for their support.