ITEC6220 Advanced Information Management

This is a topics course on recent advances in information management technologies. We cover both conventional relational data management and recent developments in cloud computing/cloud data management. In addition to regular lectures, students have the opportunity to present and critique selected papers from the recent literature. There is also a project component aiming at providing the students a hands-on experience.

ITEC4230 Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Provides an introduction to fundamentals of data warehousing and business intelligence. Topics include data warehouse planning; data pre-processing, multi-dimensional models, business analytics modeling, design, and implementation. In particular, the role of data warehouse in supporting business intelligence and effective decision making is emphasized through projects and case studies.

ITEC3020 Web Technologies

This course is an introduction to the fundamental concepts and the technologies used for developing Web applications. We cover both the client-side and the server-side development, and provide an overview of latest advances in web technolgoies. We also discuss general Web design principles, with a special focus on security and scalability. Possible topics include: XHTML, CSS, Javascript, DOM, Java Applets, HTTP, CGI, PHP, Database Access, XML, AJAX, Web Services, and .NET. tolerance.

ITEC2610 Object-Oriented Programming

This is a continuation of problem solving and algorithm development in the context of object-oriented programming techniques. Taught in Java, topics include inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, events, threads, file handling, algorithm design and data structures. Object-oriented design principles will be presented in conjunction with applications in graphics and user interfaces.

ITEC1620 Object-Based Programming

An introduction to problem solving, task decomposition, and algorithm development in the context of object-oriented and structured programming techniques. Taught in Java, topics include primitive data types, control structures, simple classes, strings and arrays. The course also introduces object-oriented design and the use of API's to develop applications from existing classes.