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HUMA Y 1300
Cultures of Resistance in the Americas



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HUMA W 3315
Black Literatures and Cultures in Canada
HUMA F 3316
Black Women's Writing in the Caribbean, Canada, and the United States
HUMA F 6129
Black Women's Writing in the African Diaspora
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AP/HUMA 1300 9.0A
Cultures of Resistance in the Americas
Fall/Winter 2009-2010

Oral Report (15%)

Students enrolled in the course are required to do an oral report worth fifteen percent (15%) of their final grade. The report should focus on at least two of the course readings (a novel counts as two readings) assigned to the week in which the presentation is being made. Students may choose to discuss articles from the course kit, a novel or film.

Presentations should provide a critical discussion of the main arguments/themes presented in the readings/works. Students may choose, for example, to compare the theoretical positions of the two texts they examine, or show how the texts expand or challenge other ideas explored in the course. Students may also choose to include additional secondary material to enhance their own readings. Oral reports should be no longer than twenty minutes in length.

Presenters must also provide two discussion questions for the group as well as a one-page outline summarizing the key points of the report for the instructor.

Students can choose to present at any time during the course but only one student can present in any week. Students should indicate when they wish to present as early in the first term as possible. In this assignment, oral delivery and discussion management are as important as analysis and synthesis. Students who miss their presentation week and hand in an outline only can expect to receive no more than a maximum of 7.5%.

Oral reports are designed to strengthen your analytical skills, improve your oral communication skills and build your confidence. Feel free to discuss your presentation with your instructor.