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Cultures of Resistance in the Americas
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Black Literatures and Cultures in Canada
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Black Women's Writing in the Caribbean, Canada, and the United States
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Black Women's Writing in the African Diaspora
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Selected Publications

Journal Articles (refereed)

"Black Canadian Literature as Diaspora Transgression: The Second Life of Samuel Tyne." TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies, Diasporic Pasts and Futures: Transnational Cultural Studies in Canada, ed. Jenny Burman, 17 (Spring 2007) 31-49.

“Translating Narratives of Masculinity Across Borders: A Jamaican Case Study.” Caribbean Quarterly, Unraveling Gender, Development and Civil Society in the Caribbean, eds. Taitu Heron and Hilary Nicholson, 52:2-3 (June-Sept. 2006) 22-38.

“We Have Historically Been ‘Rooted’ in/Routed to this Place and we are Here to Stay: Women’s Voices in Black Canadian Literature.” NEW DAWN: Journal of Black Canadian Studies 1:1 (Spring 2006) 68-74.

 “Diaspora, Citizenship and Gender: Challenging the Myth of the Nation in African Canadian Women’s Literature.” Canadian Woman Studies 23:2 (2004) 64-69.

Chapters in Books

"Rearticulations, Reconnections and Refigurations: Writing Africa Through the Americas."  Africa and Trans-Atlantic Memories: Literary and Aesthetic manifestations of Diaspora and History. Ed. NaanaOpoku-Agyemang, Paul E. Lovejoy and David V. Trotman.  Trenton, New Jersey: Africa World Press, 2008. 275-290.  

"A Feminist Exploration in African Canadian Literature." Multiple Lenses: Voices From the African Diaspora Located in Canada. Ed. David Divine. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007. 250-261.

"Sex and the Nation: Performing Black Female Sexuality in Canadian Theatre.” African-Canadian Theatre.  Ed. Maureen Moynagh. Toronto: Playwrights Canada Press, 2005. 107-122

Scholary Introductions

"Rewriting Calypso as Feminist Discourse: Jean and Dinah "Take Over Now." Scholarly Introduction to Jean and Dinah by Tony Hall in Testyfin': Contemporary African Canadian Drama: Vol. II. Ed. Djanet Sears. Toronto: Playwrights Canada Press, 2003. 151-154.

"Healing in the Kitchen: Women's Performance as Rituals of Change." Scholarly Introduction to sistahs by maxine bailey and sharon m. lewis in Testyfin': Contemporary African Canadian Drama: Vol. I. Ed. Djanet Sears. Toronto: Playwrights Canada Press, 2000. 279-280.

Work in Progress

"Hegemony of the Spirit": Community and Healing in Caribbean, African American and black Canadian Women's Writing."

This full-length book study is a comparative study that recognizes the formal and thematic linkages connecting the fictional writings of black women in the Caribbean, United States and Canada. The study argues that these linkages constitute an important shared literary poetics and form part of a tradition of black women's writing in the African diaspora.

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