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HUMA Y 1300
Cultures of Resistance in the Americas

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Black Literatures and Cultures in Canada
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Black Women's Writing in the Caribbean, Canada, and the United States
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Black Women's Writing in the African Diaspora
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AP/HUMA 1300 9.0A
Cultures of Resistance in the Americas: The African American Experience
Fall/Winter 2009-2010

Class of 2006-2007


Welcome to Cultures of Resistance in the Americas.This course challenges us to rethink our assumptions about each other and ourselves, and to push the boundaries of our learning. The subject matter is rarely easy, but for those of us who choose to make it so, always rewarding. I look forward to a new journey this year, and I thank you for taking it with me.

Since I'm only teaching one tutorial, I won't get to meet many of you personally. Please visit me during my scheduled office hours or send me an email at if you have any questions, concerns or special needs.

I am excited about the course and passionate about the issues we discuss. I hope you will be too.

York University