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He Had the Power: Pa Neezer, the Orisha King of Trinidad

Renowned as a spiritual healer, reputed to have prophetic powers and feared as an ‘Obeahman’, the name ‘Pa Neezer’ was whispered up and down the length of Trinidad for over three decades with a mixture of fear, reverence and awe.  In 1956, a young graduate research student was granted unprecedented access to the enigmatic Ebenezer Elliot, beginning a unique relationship that was to end only with the latter’s death in 1969.

He Had the Power: Pa Neezer, the Orisha King of Trinidad is a memoir based on Frances Henry’s personal recollections, and interviews with contemporaries and confidantes. It also draws substantially on her research into the Orisha religion and the roots of African religious practices. The first book to explore the life and times of Ebenezer Elliott, the legendary ‘Pa Neezer’, it is a fascinating and illuminating look at one of Trinidad and Tobago’s most famous folk characters.

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