multisensory research, vision, vestibular system, self-motion, self-orientation, perception of motion, psychophysics, perception of the body and of the self


Laurence Harris received his PhD from Cambridge University in 1979. After post-docs in Durham (UK) and Dalhousie (Canada) he became a lecturer in Physiology at Cardiff University. He moved to York University in Canada in 1990 where is presently the director of the Centre for Vision Research. His research interest concerns how the different senses are combined to generate our perceptions. Examples include the visual and vestibular system's role in orientation and self motion perception; vision and hearing's role in localizing events in space and time; and how knowledge of our body affects our perception of stimuli. He is particularly interested in the way these combinations can adapt to changing demands brought about by unusual environments which he creates using various means including virtual reality, the microgravity of space, human centrifuges, and moving rooms.


Current Projects