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AP/HREQ 3890 6.00A Social Justice Studies: Theory, Analysis, Practice


Social Justice Studies – Analytic Tool Box

Introduction to Questions on Social Justice

The Beginnings of Sociological Inquiry

Social Inequality Glossary

Some Faces of Social Injustice

The Charter and The Code

The Analytic Tool Box Presentation

Socrates’ Excerpts

Socrates Championed Humanistic Social Justice

Culture Power & Ideology

Forms of Discrimination in a Human Rights Context

Ethnicity and Race

Addressing Systemic Discrimination

The Marginalization of Black Youth

Hyphenated Canadian Exercise

Racial Profiling Definitions

Who Is Counting - Marilyn Waring

The Persons Case

Feminist Waves

Viola Desmond

The Gender Wage Gap

Gendering in the Vertical Mosaic

Feminist Theories

Class and Socioeconomic Status as Forms of Social Stratification

The Women's Wage Gap Widens

Violence Against Women and Children

First Nations Acknowledgements

Toronto Land Purchase

Aboriginal Status Notes

Aboriginal People as a Social Problem

Aboriginality and Self-Governance

Blackness in Canada Policy Networking (BCPN) Conference

Immigrants and Immigration in Canada

Three Pillars of Canadian Immigration

Removing the 'Canadian Exprience' Barrier

Recent Immigration Highlights

Multiculturalism – The Raging Debate

Multiculturalism Questions

Levels of Meaning of Multiculturalism