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Lorne Foster: Community Research and Public Education






What is the Black Canadian Experience?

Bromley Armstrong 1926-2018

Roy Heron 1920-2016

Landmark Racial Profiling Study

An Open Letter to Primer McGuinty on Human Rights

Human Rights Can’t Be Compromised (Ming Pao – In English)

Blunt Talk About Human Rights in Ontario

Express Line to Injustice

What Does The New Human Rights Legislation Mean For People Of Colour

Fostering Solutions at Jane-Finch

Can Multiculturalism Counter the Issues that Affect Social Progress and International Security

Canadian Minority Social Theory

Race and the Job Market: Seeing the World Through Techno-Coloured Glasses

Economic Apartheid and the Trauma of Racism

Leadership in Toronto’s Black Community

England Rules Phrase “Bloody Foreigners” Racist

The Pyrrhic Victory Of Canadians Of Colour  

When race gets in the way

“Diversity-Centric” corporate culture a must

Beware of the Swine of Conservativism

Self-fulfilling prophecy

Fighting over racism can cost us

Canada needs Enlightened tolerance

“Social distance” divides groups

Apartheid by another name

Ignoring qualified immigrants costly

Breakthrough for foreign trained doctors?

Buffy, Ben, Blacks and the Media

Job barriers in the Public Service

Reviewing the Immigration and Refugee Board

National ID cards and the Arar case

Getting tough on crime

Quotas OK for Whites like Bush

Riding at the back of the economic bus

Canada's Métis people granted Indigenous Rights

Great leaders champions of social change

Social control of  Black leaders

Race committee ends on a sour note

The Capitalization of Black and White

The Politics of ignoring facts

Historic first on racial profiling

Natives set example

Racial inferences of crime

We suffer while they sling

Black leadership in the 21st Century

“Toronto Purchase” Land Claim Revisited

Canada’s Métis People Grant Indigenous Rights

Refugee women, kids need protection

Like Simcoe, Chretien took a stand

Police Ahead of Star in Hiring

Civil rights struggle an inspiration

Court Recognizes Racism

Debate need over ID cards

In search of a merit-based society

We must invest in leadership

Collateral damage for Blacks

Another Age of White Fight

"Job Quotas Repeal Act" a plague

Reading and misreading racism

Minorities can effect change

Racism is a Socially Contracted Mental Illness

The race paradox of our time

Adaptability key for immigrants

Race, class and media imagery

Immigration crucial to our future

Immigration Settlement Must be a Priority

Independent Body for Immigration Complaints Urged





Last updated: January 11, 2010