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Lorne Foster: Research 20092019



Race and Policing Project

         Traffic stop data , diversity audit paint damning picture of Ottawa Police

         Black, Middle Eastern drivers still stopped at disproportionately high rates in Ottawa

         Racial Profiling and Human Rights

         York Professors Conduct Landmark Study of Race Data Collected by the Ottawa Police

         Racial Profiling Study Offers Roadmap for Bias-Free Policing

         Ottawa Police Services (OPS) Traffic Stop Race Data Collection (TSRDCP) Project

         York University Research Team To Assist Race Data Collection Project

         Race Data and Traffic Stops in Ottawa, 2013-2015: A Report on Ottawa and the Police Districts

         Ottawa Police Stopping Middle Eastern & Black Drivers at a Disproportionate Rate: Report

         Data Shows Middle Eastern & Black Drivers are More Likely to be Pulled Over by Ottawa Police

         Landmark Racial Profiling Study

         Ottawa Police Search for Solutions to Ending Racial Profiling

         Windsor Police Service (WPS) Human Rights Project Evaluation Report

         Windsor Police Name First Ever Diversity Officer


Diversity and the Global Workplace Project

         Canada-China Forum Final Report

         Workplace Practice and Diversity in Canada: Employment Policy in Global Modernity


Government Program Review Project

         Learning From History: Program Reviews and Public Safety Policy Options/Options Politques


Balancing Competing Human Rights Project

         The Ontario Human Rights Commission and the Framework for Mapping and Addressing Competing Human Rights


         Balancing Competing Human Rights Canadian Diversity Special Edition Journal


         Post-Graduate Certificate in Diversity and Human Rights



Blackness in Canada Policy Network (BCPN) Project

         What is the Black Canadian Experience?

         Why a Canadian push for economic solutions could fight systemic racism: Don Pittis

         Inventory of Municpal Tools to Combat Racism

         York University Report Presented to The Ontario Human Rights Commission and The Canadian Race Relations Foundation - Inventory Of Tools For Evaluating Municipal Policies Aimed At Fighting Racism And Discrimination


Black Leadership in Canada Project

         At 85 Roy Heron is a Leader

         Bromley Lloyd Armstrong: Black Trade Unionist, Community Organizer and Activist

         York professor launches new Blackness in Canada Policy Networking Conference

         Black mentors support key to Larissa Crawford's success


Foreign Credentials Project

         A Human Rights-Based Approach to Immigrant Workers

         The Foreign Credentials Gap in Canada: The Case for Targeted Universalism (The Globalization of Race Relations Policy Dialogue)

         The 21st Century Taxi Driver: An Examination of the Hidden Injuries of Race in Urban Canada

         Foreign Credentials in a Multicultural Society

         Lawyers of Colour and Racialized Immigrants with Foreign Legal Degrees: An Examination of the Institutionalized Processes of Social Nullification

         Foreign Trained Doctors in Canada: Cultural Contingency and Cultural Democracy in the Medical Professions

         Turnstile Bureaucrats: The Frontline Immigration Officer


Human Rights Legislation Project

   Community Impact Forum Asian Anglers

   Express Line to Injustice

   AODA Alliance: Keeping Commitments on new Human Rights Process

   Amid Sweeping Changes a Pivotal Anniversary Goes Unmarked


Multiculturalism in Action Youth Project

         Intercultural Relations: Toward a Working Relationship of Blacks and Jews in Canada

         Multicultural Youth Outreach BJD Multicultural Youth Project report evaluation 1

         Multicultural Youth Outreach BJD Final Report 2004 (CMP)

         Multicultural Youth Outreach BJD Final Report 2004 (City)


Initiatives Against Racism Youth Project

         CRRF Initiatives Against Racism

         CRRF Final Report






Last updated: December 19, 2012