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Willem MaasProfessor Willem Maas was first awarded a Jean Monnet Chair in 2008 and most recently renewed for the 2019-2022 period. Jean Monnet Chairs promote excellence in teaching and research in the field of European Union studies. York University is privileged to also have a second Jean Monnet Chair, professor Heather MacRae. As Jean Monnet Chair, professor Maas teaches, conducts research, and organizes events.

Courses (2019-2022 funding period)

Politics and Public Policy in Europe
Public policy traditionally focuses on domestic politics but decades of integration have significantly altered the conduct of government and governance in Europe. This course analyzes European politics and public policy in areas such as migration, citizenship, borders, economics, and law.

The Netherlands and Europeanization
This intensive summer course fosters an understanding of political, social, and economic transformations in the EU by focusing on one of the original six member states, the Netherlands.

European Union Symposium
This course develops the student's knowledge of a selected country or region of the world and also project management capabilities.

European Integration
This intensive fourth-year seminar fosters an understanding of political, economic, and social changes in Europe.