About the Bartenders




Peter's a well-known man about town in Kassel. Over six feet tall, and light on his feet; he's ferocious and fast with the petty thieves and scam artists you can run into in the bar business, but gentle as rain with bar regulars.

People hang around the bar just to hear Basil talk. When he got this job, his friend Julian said, "Now he'll get lucky every night!", meaning he'd get laid whenever he wanted. But Basil has only one love, and a difficult one, who lives far away but even so, manages to torment him. Last week a woman walked into the bar with snow in her hair, an old blue scarf around her neck, a green packsack and an air of familiarity. Basil wiped his hands on a damp dishtowel, locked the cash box, and left the bar. Vera takes care of where the Transit Bar goes and how it's stored between times. When she's working behind the counter, she listens carefully to the stories people tell.

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