Aspects of African Canadian Literature
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African Canadian literature is a wonderful mixture of the words of those born here, and those who have come. Often it is about change, and acts as a bridge between "here" (Canada) and "there" (where one comes from). It is this marriage of diversities that gives the literature of African Canadians its energy.

In the literature section of this site you will find the following resources on African-Canadian writers and their works:

A general history of African Canadian literature

This section provides a list of well known African-Canadian writers, along with their bibliography and a short biography where available.

Children's Literature
This section provides a selection of children's literature available, along with book summaries and suggestions on age appropriateness.

This section provides more general information on the Black press in Canada

This section links to pages on the major African Canadian press publications: Share, Equality, Pride and the Caribbean Camera

Here you will find a full bibliographical listing of several African Canadian Anthologies