Project: The Centre for the Study of Black Cultures in Canada

An Online Resource by the Centre for the Study of Black Cultures in Canada

This site provides information on African Canadian artists and their work, links to other Canadian resources on the web, and updates about the activities of the Centre.

The Centre for the Study of Black Cultures in Canada endeavours to serve as a stimulus to and focal point for faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, as well as independent scholars who are pursuing research in African Canadian Studies at York and elsewhere.

The Centre sponsors conferences and other events and ongoing research projects.

This website began in 1996 as a course project by students at York University's Atkinson College and was expanded by another class in the summer of 1998.

We invite contributions and updates.

At this time we would like to thank the following contributors:

1995/96 Contributors

Prof. Leslie Sanders Sharon Morgan Lewis
Maria Allman Vernon Medas
Nadia Barbera Susan Roberts
Peter Duerr Gillian Small
Diane Ellis Jo'Ann Thompson
Debbie Lee  


1998 Contributors

Prof. Leslie Sanders Jenny Chung Terry-Ann Jones Pascal Salmon
Bellinia Agyemfra Linelle D'Souza Carolyn Mackay Jacaline Salmon
Diana Alliman Kubekke D'Souza Kalisha Merraro Charles Strawczynski
Janet Bahareth Marsha Dubidat Kenneth Michael Val Strawczynski
Patricia Bellofiore Tova Fox Shona Miller Nicole Virgin
Shabana Bhutta Monica Goodluck Paola Mollo Sean Hew Wing
Merruro Brewsker Lauren Hamilton Carol Mulholland Cyndiann Walcott
William Brown Natalie Hamilton Crystal Aisha Perryman Mark Ward
Oswald L. Burke Kelliebeth Hand Elham Rabbini Libby Zeleke
Primrose Clarke Tehrari Hassan Lisa Ruta