Winter term 2007

Political Science

AS POLS 4905 3.0 Political Economy and Political Power Capstone

Course Instructor:
Professor: Sabah Alnasseri

Office Location/Hours:
Ross S634
Fridays: 12.30-14.00



Time and Location
Vari Hall 3005
Fridays: 14.30-17.30

Prerequisite / Co-requisite:
AS/POLS 2900 6.00; AS/POLS 2910 6.00; AS/POLS 2920 6.00. Course credit exclusions: AS/POLS 4900 3.00, section E (prior to Fall/Winter 2006-2007). NCR Note: No credit will be retained for this course for students who have successfully completed or who are currently enrolled in any other political science capstone course chosen from AS/POLS 4900 3.00 to AS/POLS 4910 3.00.

Course Description

We often take power's meaning for granted. Where does it come from? How does economic power influence political power? In this course students consider how production, wealth, and accumulation affect the framing and resolution of political questions.