Fall/Winter term 2007/08

Political Science

AS/POLS 4985 6.0 Global Political Studies Honours Colloquium

Course Instructor:
Professor: Sabah Alnasseri

Office Location/Hours:
Ross S634
Fridays: 12.30-14.00



Time and Location
Vari Hall 3005
Fridays: 14.30-17.30

Course Description

The colloquium is the global political studies Specialized Honours BA seminar. The seminar meets on a weekly basis to discuss assigned readings about current issues and debates in international relations and comparative world politics. Course credit exclusions: AS/POLS 4900 6.00, section B (prior to Fall/Winter 2006-2007), AS/POLS 4902 3.00.

The Global Political Studies Honours Colloquium is a seminar that will help synthesizing previous knowledge in International Relations and Comparative World Politics, and introduce students to current debates and issues in these fields. A wide range of topics will be discussed in this course, including concerns as diverse as globalization, imperialism, international security, political economy, global governance, democratization etc.

Course Objectives

The course then will synthesize material learned in previous international relations and comparative world politics courses, other courses with international scope and content and own interests of the students in international affairs.

Course Requirements, Evaluation, and Due Dates

In the fall term, we will focus on the discussions of the assigned readings, your in-class presentations of a Minor Paper that will critique particular ideas developed in your class readings and seminar discussions. The presentations will be grouped into panels of two or three presenters. Each presenter will provide a 1-2 page outline of the presentation, and will have about 15 minutes to present. The presentation should be a respond to the day’s topics beyond what is in the assigned readings; it should also propose discussion questions for the general class discussion. In the winter term, course work will be organized around your writing of an original research paper in international relations or comparative politics. This Major Paper will be broken down into series of steps to help you manage a semester-long research project and class discussions will deal with theses exercises and with progress reports of your research and writing. Winter term in-class presentation will be on your research paper.


Minor paper (Fall): 5 pages, 12pt font, double-space, 1, 25 margin on all sides.

Major Paper (Winter): problem statement, research design, annotated bibliography, first and revised final draft.


20% presentation (10% fall and 10% winter)
10% class participation
15% minor paper
45% major paper (5% problem statement, 5% design, 10% annotated bibliography, 25% first and revised final draft).
10% comments on peers’ paper

Assignment Submission and Lateness Penalties

Assignment Submission: Proper academic performance depends on students doing their work not only well, but on time. Accordingly, assignments for this course must be received on the due date specified for the assignment. Assignments are to be handed in class at the weekly assigned dates, or else during the office hours immediately before the class.
Note: the department drop box is only to be used for late papers.

Lateness Penalty: Assignments received later than the due date will be penalized as follow:
one-half letter grade (1 grade point) per day of the total assignment grade will be taken out for the first 3 days. Afterwards, the assignment will only be graded at a 50% rate until 2 weeks past its due time. Past that date, the assignment will not be graded.

Exceptions to the lateness penalty for valid reasons such as illness, compassionate grounds, etc., may be entertained by the Course Instructor but will require supporting documentation (e.g., a doctor’s letter).

Important Course Information for Students

All students are expected to familiarize themselves with the following information, available on the Senate Committee on Curriculum & Academic Standards webpage (see Reports, Initiatives, Documents) http://www.yorku.ca/secretariat/senate_cte_main_pages/ccas.htm