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Course Outline

Section N
Section P
Section R

Lecture Notes

  • Course Overview, Jan. 4-6 (Pdf)
  • Lecture 1, Jan 11-13 (Pdf)
  • Extra Slide explaining the components of Regression Output (Pdf)
  • Simple Regression and ANOVA Fill-in-the-blank Practice

  • Sections C and D, Quiz A
  • Sections C and D, Quiz B
  • Sections C and D, Quiz A Solution
  • Sections C and D, Quiz B Solution
  • Stats (QM1) Lecture Notes

  • Background Concepts and Graphical Presentation (Pdf)
  • Graphical Presentation II (Pdf)
  • Summary Statistics (Pdf)
  • Probability and Bayes Theorem (Pdf)
  • Probability Distributions (Pdf)
  • Sampling and Sampling Distributions (Pdf)
  • Estimation and Hypothesis Testing (Pdf)
  • Inference about a Single Population (Pdf)
  • Inference about a Two Populations (Pdf)
  • Regression (Pdf)
  • ANOVA and Chi-squared Tests (Pdf)
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